Carlos Antonio Vélez will receive an international tribute at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

For the coverage of World Cup Qatar 2022from the headquarters of the most important event in national team football, began the journey of Carlos Antonio Velez towards Qatari territory. And before beginning the long journey, the Manizaleño revealed that in Doha he will receive a tribute, due to the trajectory and coverage of this type of tournament organized by Fifa.

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According to the journalist, who will represent Win Sports, Canal RCN, RCN Radio and Antena 2, the International Sports Press Association and Fifa plan to award recognition to those who have 8 or more World Cups in their work history. And in Vélez’s accounts, there are 18, including the Under-20 World Cups.

Nevertheless, in the communiqué that was disseminated by this organization of journalists, they inform that the recognition is given by them and that it would be within the framework of the soccer event. But it is not mentioned that it is endorsed or sponsored by the highest governing body of world football, so we have to wait for what it is about and how the tribute is paid to the controversial Colombian commentator.

Carlos Antonio Velez announced that he will be recognized in the middle of the World Cup Qatar 2022

In the ‘Planeta Fútbol’ program, last Wednesday, November 16, Vélez highlighted that he had already begun his transfer to the host country of the event, noting that he had already covered 12 of this type:

“It is my twelfth adventure in World Cups, God willing. I already have, with this, 18 World Cups ‘on my back’; 6 youth, 12 seniors from 78 to date. Thank God, ‘what I danced to’ will never be taken from me, just in case. It has been a divine gift, I have nothing more to ask for and I am going to enjoy this 12th World Cup”

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Later, with great pride and happiness, he announced that Fifa and the International Sports Press Association were going to recognize him and other colleagues: “I found out that Fifa and the Association of International Journalists have a special tribute for those of us who have more than 8 World Cups ‘on our backs'”. And so he indicated that he and other colleagues from RCN Radio meet the requirement of exceeding the necessary number of events.

In the middle of his announcement, Carlos Antonio stressed that it seemed fair to him, because of the work he has done in his long career in sports journalism. Above all, covering soccer and top-level competitions, such as the World Cups:

“They are going to receive a decoration, from Fifa and the International Sports Press Association, which I think is fair and logical, because they have spent so much time transmitting all the things that have happened. It wouldn’t take a full day to tell you about the World Cup experiences, but one day I will; if I have time (laughs), if God allows me to do it “

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And the fragment on this topic ended with the words of the Manizaleño about his feelings and pride: “I am happy, I am very happy and I want to share it with you, there are 18 World Cups and it is not easy to say 18 World Cups. I count the juniors, too, because look, there are already 18 and 19-year-old players competing in the absolute category ”.

So far, the news has the version of Carlos Antonio Vélez, but in the official statement of the aforementioned International Sports Press Association (AIPS), they announce that this event is organized by them, that the delivery is in Doha and that a format must be sent with the data of those who meet the requirements:

“AIPS Journalists on the Podium: FIFA World Cup veterans to be honored at Qatar 2022

The International Association of Sports Press (AIPS) is pleased to announce that it will honor journalists and photographers who have covered 8 or more FIFA World Cups, including the Qatar edition, at a special ceremony in Doha.

How to apply? Please send your details, including name, nationality, number of FIFA World Cups covered, media organisation, date of birth and a JPEG photo of yourself, to the following email: [email protected] before 16 November. Write “Journalists on the podium + your name” in the subject line of the email”.

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So, the question remains whether this tribute has the endorsement of Fifa and if they looked for the journalists with the most coverage of the World Cups, or if they were the communicators themselves who signed up to have the recognition in question. The truth is that Vélez was very proud and, surely, he will show it that it happens in the aforementioned event.



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