Carla Jou: There is life beyond Fontajau

Carla Jou, wearing a tracksuit and a mask, hugs a Uni player. | DAVID SUBIRANA/UNI GIRONA

Being able to decide, after all, is a great privilege. It requires, above all, maturity and serenity. Just what Carla Jou needed to put her life in order. He had always liked playing basketball. What was born as a desire, the will to do what he liked, grew to the point where it could become something more. Overcoming adolescence, the dilemma. Dedicate yourself to the sport at full capacity and try to succeed, or park it and bet on other milestones? At 20 years old, not everyone is ready to sit down, reflect and opt for one of the alternatives aware of the possible consequences. “I was in the third year of my career when I decided that I didn’t want to dedicate myself to this one hundred percent.” From then on, basketball and sports in general have always accompanied him and will, if he maintains the course he chose from that day. But from another perspective. Now, closing a profitable period at Uni Girona where he has starred in several roles, he is still looking forward to the future with a lot of optimism. For now, he will spend a season in Sydney, with his partner, who is from there. And then, when he returns, he will start working for the Israel Premier Tech cycling team, based in Girona.

On November 19, Uni published a farewell message addressed to Carla Jou on its networks. The woman from Girona had been working there for more than four years. A stage that has served him as a learning experience and that can be summed up with more good words than reproaches. But he considered that this is the best time to start a job change. Last Sunday, after watching live the victory of BAXI Manresa, where his brother Guillem plays, he returned home to finish packing. These days, he visited San Francisco and Hawaii, before heading to Australia. At first, it had been agreed to work remotely and stay in contact with the University for a few months. Finally, it will be during this month of December and in February the change will come. “I wanted to change jobs and with the options I have on the table, everything has suited me. My partner and I have always been very clear that we want to live in Girona, so this is how it will be. In February I will start with the Israel Premier Tech team, doing very similar jobs to those I have carried out so far». At Uni he has lived a “fantastic” stage as team manager. “I coordinated all the logistics of the first team. The day-to-day life of the players, their stay and also their travels.” But his role went further. “I have also carried out administrative and accounting tasks, I have controlled the stays of the visiting teams, also maintaining contact with the federations and the relationship with FIFA”. Jou has a degree in economics and has specialized in marketing. She is passionate about sports management and when she was offered to work in the offices from Fontajau she saw that the option was very tasty. Precisely the club that has seen her grow as a player, because even though she is already retired despite being only 28 years old, she made her debut in the Women’s League. “I grew up here and got to work in the dynamics of the first team. I liked it, but I was never too clear if I wanted to do it professionally. I grew up and when I went to college, I realized that everyone had a different life than mine. I would come in, in the morning and in the afternoon, and play two games on weekends. People left Erasmus, tried things, went out, had fun». Until the dilemma came, the decision. And Jou chose. “I also went abroad, I spent two years living in Scotland”. An experience to mature and to learn English, a language that he perfectly masters.

Did he quit basketball? Not even close. He was part of the GEiEG, when the association agreement between the group organization and the Fontajau club still existed. An injury saw promotion to Women’s League 2 from a distance, but she would eventually join the team dynamic. It wasn’t easy. “It was difficult for me to combine everything, it was a very hard year, because I was working and studying”. He considered that he could do sports in other ways, such as cycling, running or paddling. And, once retired, he focused on work. By progressing and improving, away from the track, in the workplace. Uni has been the starting point. But the “fantastic” stage is over. Now it will be his turn to start another one and check if that decision he made some time ago was worth it or not.



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