Canon has released a promotional video featuring gold medalists Shohei Ohno and Wolf Aron. Filmed using volumetric video technology | VIDEO SALON

As part of the Japan Sports Agency’s “Sports x Technology Utilization Promotion Project” in which the company participates, Canon Marketing Japan Co., Ltd., together with the All Japan Judo Federation, produced a promotional video that promotes the appeal of judo. Published.

In addition, at “Grand Slam Tokyo 2022” (December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun)), in addition to Ohno and Wolf, Yasuo Inoue and Teru Sone will appear in a volumetric video. The NFT digital trading card “JUDO Coreca” that was used will be produced with the cooperation of X Creation Co., Ltd. and distributed free of charge as a visitor benefit.

There will also be an experience booth for the content “JUDO All View”, where you can see judo techniques from all 360-degree angles.

Promotional video using volumetric video

Shohei Ono, the gold medalist of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and Wolf Aron appeared in the filming and production using volumetric video technology developed by Canon Inc.

In the video, the various techniques performed by gold medalists Ohno and Wolf are dynamically reproduced using volumetric video technology. Volumetric video technology makes it possible to create 3D models of real-world objects and generate images from any angle.

Camera work that stops time at the moment of the technique and freely turns around the space up and down, left and right, and angles that make it look as if you are watching from under the tatami mats. . Furthermore, by combining CG images and BGM, it is a video with an impact that strongly appeals to viewers the power of judo.

Main measures for “Grand Slam Tokyo 2022”

1. Production and distribution of promotional videos using volumetric videos

The power and dynamism of the gold medalist’s numerous techniques are fully expressed by utilizing camera work and perspectives unique to volumetric video technology. By combining CG images and BGM with volumetric videos, we create videos that bring out the charm and depth of judo.

Appearing judoka: Shohei Ohno / Wolf Aron *In no particular order
Appearing judo techniques: Inner thigh, Ouchi garrison, Tomoe throw, Forward foot sweep, Receiving foot, Osotogari, Shoulder wheel, Ippon shoulder throw *In order of appearance

• Public media: YouTube (Zenjuren TV/YouTube channel)
• Ruler: 2 minutes 5 seconds
• Release date: Friday, November 25, 2022
• Public URL:

2. Free distribution of volumetric video version digital trading card “JUDO Koreka” using NFT

Utilizing the know-how of X Creation Co., Ltd., we produced and distributed the NFT digital trading card “JUDO Koreka”. Create a “JUDO Core Card” including volumetric video versions of four famous judokas and distribute it free of charge as a special gift for visitors to Grand Slam Tokyo 2022.

The volumetric video version dynamically expresses each judoka’s specialty as a “moving trading card” unique to digital.

Appearing judoka: Yasuo Inoue / Shohei Ohno / Wolf Aron / Teru Sone *In no particular order

• Distribution date: December 3 (Sat) and 4 (Sun), 2022

• Distribution location: Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 Venue (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium)

• Applications for Koreka:

▲Surface image

▲Back side image

3.Experience booth exhibiting content “JUDO All View” where you can see judo techniques from all 360-degree perspectives

Using the 3D data of volumetric video technology, you can experience the content “JUDO All View” that allows you to experience the decisive scene of the player’s technique from various angles. A large display and hand-tracking sensor are installed in the booth, allowing children and adults to intuitively enjoy free-viewpoint video.

• Appearing judoka: Shohei Ohno / Wolf Aron / Akira Sone *In no particular order

Event booth date: December 3 (Sat) and 4 (Sun), 2022

• Event booth location: Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 Venue (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium)

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