Canelo Álvarez and his message to Lionel Messi through a video of him stepping on the Mexico shirt

The ‘Canelo’ became aggressive on the night of this Sunday, although more than 24 hours had passed since the match between Argentina and Mexico, which the South Americans won 2-0, with a great goal from Messi.

It was all because of a video in which The Argentine soccer player stops to celebrate with the rest of his teammates and steps on a Mexico shirt that was on the floorwithin all the mess that was in the dressing room of the Lusail stadium.

‘Canelo’ Álvarez did not like the image at all and He began posting several messages on his Twitter account against Lionel Messi. Although at the end of the match the boxer had shown respect to the Argentines, this time he did not do so with the star of the ‘albiceleste’ team.

Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag?“, were his first words, although a bit exaggerated. Then he wrote a second message: “May I pray to God that I don’t find it!”

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Seeing the repercussion of his messages, the boxer followed a series of messages with which he brought to light all that Mexican pride that fans of his country love so much and that other celebrities do.

“Just as I respect Argentina, you have to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country (Argentina) I’m talking about Messi because of the blowjob he gave (SIC) ”, wrote ‘Canelo’.

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Video of Lionel Messi stepping on the Mexico shirt

The images that caused the boxer’s messages were recorded at the end of the match between Argentina and Mexicoduring the celebration of the triumph that gave life to the team.

There you can see that the Aztec team shirt is already on the floor and Messi jumps on it when he is singing with the rest of his teammates. It is also seen that he takes off his shoes and that is when he hits him, but, apparently, he never does anything bad on purpose. This is the controversial video.

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