Cancellation at short notice: That’s why Zverev was missing from “Wetten, dass …?”

Alexander Zverev was looking forward to a chat with Thomas Gottschalk and wanted to sit next to show stars like Bully Herbig and Robbie Williams on the famous “Wetten, dass…?” couch. But instead of wearing a chic outfit in the spotlight in Friedrichshafen, the Olympic champion sat at home in a white T-shirt on Saturday evening and looked sparingly at the camera.

“It’s my absolute favorite show,” said Zverev in a video message: “I would love to be with you, but unfortunately I tested positive a few days ago. It’s a pity, you all have fun.” The Hamburger was once again slowed down shortly before his comeback. This time from Corona, which Zverev shouldn’t keep busy for too long.

Zverev seriously injured in the French Open semifinals

Recently things had gone quiet around the 25-year-old, who had to break off the first attempt to return to competition in September before the Davis Cup group stage in Hamburg with “extreme pain”. Zverev had pushed too hard in training, after the serious ankle injury from the semi-finals of the French Open he was now suffering from bone edema.


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Patience was required for the former second in the world rankings, who not only missed the US Open, but is also doomed to watch when the German Davis Cup team challenges Canada in the quarterfinals next Thursday. After all, the German number one announced the return to the training ground on November 4th.

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Zverev, who recently slipped out of the top 10 in the world rankings, wants to play a few show tournaments before the start of the new tennis year. The first endurance test is to take place in Saudi Arabia at the Diriyah Tennis Cup (December 8th to 10th). He has spent enough time on the couch for now. (sid/dhe)



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