Cáceres and FEXB join forces for basketball

Almost fifty federated teams in the leagues of the provincial councils will benefit from a promotion for the Cáceres matches at home against Cantabria and Andorra.


The president of Cáceres Ciudad del Baloncesto, José Manuel Sánchez, and the president of the Extremadura Basketball Federation (FEXB), Martín Fariñas, have been in charge of presenting this Wednesday at the federative headquarters a new collaboration between both entities to promote growth of this sport in the region.

Through this agreement, efforts are joined to encourage the federated teams of the provincial leagues of Extremadura to enjoy the first level basketball of the LEB Oro league.

“We want basketball people to come and see us and enjoy this highly competitive league, and we want to support basketball in the region, one of the best-regarded sports in the region,” said Sánchez.

For his part, the person in charge of the FEXB has pointed out that they intend to be the “loudspeaker” so that the non-regulars come to the Mutiusos and in this way “prepare” for the arrival of the Spanish team on February 26 at this court.

“Pavilion left over, what we need is for the heat of basketball to be latent again. Everything that is done on that track depends a lot on those who are off the track, the fans also have to consolidate something that when it is lost it is very difficult to recover, ”said Fariñas.


The two LEB Oro matches chosen are those that are played around the FIBA ​​windows of November and February, offering tickets at 5 euros to the nearly 50 teams that participate in the provincial competitions of Diputación de Cáceres and Badajoz, respectively.

Specifically, the teams from the Cáceres league will be able to attend the Cáceres World Heritage Site – Grupo Alega Cantabria on November 20, at 6:00 p.m., prior notice to the Verdinegro club via email sede@ While the members of the teams that participate in the Badajoz competition will be able to go with the discount to the Cáceres – Morabanc Andorra scheduled for February 17, also contacting by email.

All this in order to promote a sport that has given and will give much joy to the region.


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