BVB: Because of the kiss and taxi vortex – Dortmund fan in Singapore jail | Sports

He certainly imagined this trip differently…

After a party on Wednesday night in Singapore, a Dortmund supporter, who was already quite drunk, wanted to take a taxi to the hotel. So he grabbed the first car that came along.

Problem: This taxi had already been ordered by a couple. And then all the trouble started…

The BVB fan simply got into the taxi, whereupon the couple’s husband made a lot of fuss. The Dortmunder then got out again and gave the woman a kiss on the mouth without being asked.

Consequence: The situation escalated and the security called the police. The BVB fan was arrested immediately and is now in Singapore jail. According to BILD information, he should appear before a magistrate in a timely manner.

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On Friday afternoon (German time) he was brought before the magistrate. He can’t get into debt for twelve months in Singapore, otherwise he could be held accountable for this case again.

There was a similar case in 2017: three Britons were sentenced to five to six and a half years in prison for sexual harassment and were also beaten with a cane.



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