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“I got a little dizzy” |

World Cup concerns about Werder’s filling jug!

National coach Hansi Flick no longer likes to watch football. First Timo Werner gets injured, in the afternoon Grischa Prömel, who is on the list of 55, is also out for the World Cup.

And now there are concerns about Niclas Füllkrug (29)!

Although Werder Bremen won 2-1 against Schalke 04, they are worried about their top scorer.

A festival for fans Template show by Werder-Weiser

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First the gate…

30. Minute: Gruev sends Weiser, who simply overruns opponent Mohr. At the baseline he puts back the heel. There is a filling pitcher ready and hammering the ball under the crossbar! 1:0! His 10th goal of the season.

… then the shock!

60. Minute: After a horse kiss at the level of Yoshida’s buttocks, the goalscorer must be replaced!

Is there the World Cup in A…?

Hopefully not! Füllkrug can leave the pitch himself. Two weeks before the start of the World Cup, where Füllkrug absolutely wants to be there, probably just a precautionary measure. Also hopes national coach Flick.

Füllkrug after the game on Sky: “I came into the game with a bit of calf problems that pulled down into the Achilles tendon. Schalke jumped in the back several times. I got a knee. Then I got a little dizzy. Then Wade and Achilles heel came along, then the whole chain closes.”

Will he be there against Bayern on Tuesday? “Hopefully it will be back as soon as possible,” says Füllkrug.

Werder coach Ole Werner: “He was hit in the back and buttocks. The referee ran a lot today. We’ll have to see what Tuesday looks like. But I don’t anticipate anything dramatic in terms of downtime.”

At Werder, scoring goals also works when Füllkrug doesn’t play. Again, Weiser is involved! The winger sends Ducksch steeply, free in front of Schwolow the striker lobs into the goal (75′)!

With the defeat, Schalke also set a Bundesliga record. It is the 35th Bundesliga away game without a win for the Royal Blues. Only Karlsruher SC was that bad before (from March 1976 to February 1981 without a win). Schalke’s last sense of achievement was almost three years ago. On November 23, 2019, they won 2-1 – in Bremen of all places.

In the second game under coach Thomas Reis, Schalke showed a significant improvement and was clearly dominating the game at first. But goals don’t snap royal blue, but they’re really annoyed. On the one hand because of the set record, on the other hand because of the catastrophic exploitation of chances.

Because it’s the best Schalke performance in a long time! First Karaman saves a goal from Kral because of an offside position (18′), later Terodde hits the post (38′). Shortly before the end, Drexler makes the consolation goal (90th).

Reis: “It hurts a lot! It wasn’t the better team that won, but the happier team. We proved that we are capable of playing in the Bundesliga. But looking at the table, the situation sucks.”

One thing is certain: without victories, staying up in the league will not work.


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