Builder. They will participate in the Raid Amazones to support Romy

Test their limits and support a good cause at the same time. These are the main motivations of Lise Philippon, 31, and her friend Antoinette Geoffroy, 42, to enter what will undoubtedly be the adventure of their lives: the Raid Amazones competition, at the end of next year. A multidisciplinary and 100% female competition, the raid takes place over 6 days in the middle of nature, in an exotic country. Previous editions have taken place in Guyana, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Kenya, Mayotte, Malaysia, Bali, California, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. For the month of November 2023, the destination has not yet been revealed by the organizers.

Finance Romy’s treatment

The two young mothers (Lise has a boy and Antoinette has two girls and a boy) are not seasoned sportswomen even if they practice running and mountain biking fairly regularly. For the past year, Lise has been a member of the Entente Athlétique Mâconnaise and does muscle building at Mâcon gym. They are now looking for clubs to progress in two of the raid’s events: archery and canoeing (in addition to the mountain bike, trail and surprise event).

They are still looking for sponsors

“Both of us wanted a sporting and mental challenge to re-motivate us by giving of ourselves for something other than work. We have also chosen to support the cause of an association, “Romy is aiming for the moon”, and to raise money for the treatment of this little girl who suffers from a handicap and who needs a lot of motor skills courses which are expensive,” says Lise.

The two women are looking for sponsors to finance the registration and to promote the association. A first company decided to support them, Jacques Merle de Bussières, specializing in roofing and wood work. In accordance with the rules of the competition, each must find sponsors to cover the 4,000 euros of registration per person (in order to validate it) and cover from their pockets the price of the plane, of approximately 800 euros.

Mâcon – 21 years of adventure

Since 2001, the Raid Amazones offers a sports competition in five disciplines and in total immersion in nature, but also in the discovery of other cultures, through meetings of the participants with the local population. The other dimension of the raid is solidarity by asking competitors to support through their participation a local association focused on the education of children. The competition is accessible to women, without sporting level requirements and highlights the organization’s ecological commitment with the slogan: “No motor, only sweat. »



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