Bruguera: “I only have praise for the whole team”

The captain was grateful for the commitment of all the members of the team. Bruguera gave a positive assessment of Spain’s passage in this Davis Cup, spoke about his favorites and made clear his intentions for the future.

tournament results

Sergi Bruguera has assessed the step of spain for this Davis cup in which he has fought until the end but has not been able to with Croatia. Bautista and Carreño were the chosen ones but neither could add the victory despite playing two even duels. Bruguera was grateful to the entire team for the work and commitment these days and, as he has confirmed, he would like to be able to continue in command of the national team as long as the players are on his side.

He also got wet on his favorites when it came to lifting the trophy at the Martín Carpena. Bruguera expressed the equality that exists in the tournament and the importance of small details such as Cilic’s shots to the line at key moments to decide the winner of a match.

Equality in the playoffs

«There are only three games. Here everything is very even and anything can happen. The playoffs are very close. Cilic has touched many lines at key moments and in the end he has won the game«.

Bruguera’s Favorites

«The tournament is enough for the conditions it has. I think the Croatians are favorites or Canada also seems to me that they have many options to be able to win«.

Great team effort

«The note is a 10 for delivery and camaraderie. Anything that is asked of both the players and the delegate, doctor, that is, the whole team responds.
I only have praise for everyone and I am thankful for being here and coming to join this team. In matches I can only ask for total delivery and everyone gives me this. I have never had any complaints«.

Future plans

«The plans are those of each year. The players are asked if they are satisfied and if they want me to continue delighted. I will also continue with Zverev next year«.



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