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A little boy from a public school in Buffalo, United States, confirmed that friendship is the most precious of treasures. is that he, without being asked, he made the decision to use the little savings he had to buy a pair of sneakers for one of his friendswho was constantly teased at school for the deteriorating condition of his shoes.

The story quickly went viral worldwide after the child’s teacher shared the image on Facebook.

so that they would not do more bullying to his friend, Melo, the little student with a big heart, decided to collect as much as possible with the money his mother gave him for snacks.

So, once he had what he considered enough, he asked his mother to go with him to buy some shoes. But to her surprise, the sneakers were not for her son, but for Melvin, a friend of hers from school, who every day brought the same pair of worn shoes and received ridicule from her other classmates.

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My student Melo told me that he was tired of other students picking on Melvin for his shoes.

Melo’s teacher, moved and proud by the story, decided to share it with the world through a post showing both students and the new shoes. In the description he wrote:

“My student Melo told me he was tired of other students picking on Melvin for his shoes. Melo used his allowance and bought Melvin some shoes. This is what I live for, being that helping hand,” wrote Bryant Brownjr, teacher at Buffalo Creek Academy.

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In the Facebook post, which has already been shared more than 18,000 times, other users have asked the professor for any way they could also help Melvin.

“Can you tell us Melvin’s coat size? I’d like to send him a new winter coat and gear to school on your behalf,” someone commented on the post.

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