Boulogne-Levallois again benefited from a gala Victor Wembanyama in the derby

The “Wemby Tour” has resumed its course. After a two-week hiatus due to the international break, which notably allowed him to put on the France team jersey for the first time in his promising career – a key to the 2023 World Cup -, the French prodigy Victor Wembanyama (18 years old, 2.21 m) performed again under the tunic of Boulogne-Levallois, in a crowded Marcel-Cerdan sports hall, personalities (Nicolas Anelka, Lionel Jospin, Fabrice Eboué or even Roschdy Zem) understood.

With the tunes of a Parisian play, the window hung on the facade of the Levallois enclosure is accompanied by a “complete” sticker for the derby scheduled against Nanterre. To afford the right to interfere among the 2,800 privileged home matches of the Ile-de-France club, and therefore to lay eyes on the Wembanyama phenomenon, it is now better to anticipate.

Nicolas Anelka (E. Garnier/The Team)

The sound confrontation between the two neighbors – a kop of two hundred overexcited kids facing the more experienced visiting supporters – almost came to an end on an improbable 17-0 (then 20-2, 5th) allowed by a JSF overtaken by the events. The perfect trap, finally, for locals suffering from youthism and almost taken over at the break (47-43, 20th).

“I’m happy because I felt like I won the game twice”joked Boulogne-Levallois coach Vincent Collet at the end of the evening, especially worried about having quickly lost his pivot Ibrahima Fall Faye to injury (knee).

Lionel Jospin in the stands (E. Garnier / L'Équipe)

Lionel Jospin in the stands (E. Garnier / L’Équipe)

Wembanyama executioner of his masters

Faced with the self-sacrifice of a squad weighed down in recent days by injuries and barely reinforced by the ghost JJ O’Brien (ex-Monaco, 13 points), the Metropolitans bowed their backs without bending. Especially when their opponents took the lead twice (66-67, 32nd, and 78-79, 35th). Author in the wake of the basket which definitely offered the advantage to Boulogne-Levallois (80-79), Wembanyama had since the start of the last act changed the script and found his first role.

Held at 15 points, the baby nugget in Nantes basketball between 2014 and 2021 ended with 30 units on the clock (9 rebounds and 5 blocks), displaying for the umpteenth time his ability to swallow instructions and adapt. “Nanterre managed to take him away from the basket, he understood at the end of the match that he had to come back to itcongratulated Collet. His last actions are the witness of his maturity. » And to add, laughing: “I told him: if he was already perfect, it wouldn’t be funny! »

“I rubbed shoulders with him for eight years with us, I am not surprised”also breathed Pascal Donnadieu, the coach of Nanterre, satisfied to see his former colt flourish after a frustrating year in Villeurbanne.

After a game won after a few controversial whistles (92-85), the Metropolitans, undefeated for seven matches, joined Cholet at the top of the standings. In favor, too, of the surprise defeat of Monaco, at home, against Limoges (80-84). This is their status as a team to beat reinforced. “We’ve had this label for a while”, swept the leader Tremont Waters (21 points), also valuable. But his troop will not defend the throne at any cost. “We haven’t played the four biggest teams in the Championship yet.tempered Collet. Asvel, Monaco, Dijon… and Cholet. We will especially try to have a complete team for the future. » Next performance next Saturday in Nancy.



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