Bol Bol coence making a name for himself in the NBA

Bol Bol is having a wonderful start to the season. The Sudanese has completely revived in Orlando where he continues the big performances. The latest, his 24 points against the Brooklyn Nets overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Kevin Durant also appreciated the performance of the 2m18 player.

« It is unique and difficult to defend. You can see his confidence grow over the matches. He can do just about anything on the pitch, he just needs to chain it up. […] I like what Jamahl (Mosley) is doing with him, sometimes having him play point guard or pivot. He moves him everywhere because he is a very versatile player. It’s great for the league ».

Another Nets player to have enjoyed seeing Bol Bol, Kyrie Irving. The leader also thinks that a revolution is underway. ” We have to prepare for it. This is the upcoming transformation of our league. We have another guy, Victor, playing overseas and more and more of these 2m10+ archetypes, who handle the ball and can do anything. We just gotta get used to it and enjoy what we see “, concludes the leader, relayed by beIN Sports.

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