Bilal Hassani soon dad? He has already chosen the first name of his child – Actu Bilal Hassani

Bilal Hassani makes very personal revelations. The singer confided in his difficult beginnings in Eurovision but also in his private life in the program “En Aparté” on Canal +.

This Wednesday, November 23, host Nathalie Lévy asked him about his vision of the future. The opportunity for the judge of “Dancing with the Stars” to talk about his desire for children.

Bilal Hassani projects himself so much into his family life that he has already thought about the first name he could give to one of “his two children». “My son, I don’t know what I will call him yet. I know that one of my children will be called Athena.he reveals.

Is Bilal Hassani in a relationship?

These revelations prompted the show’s journalist to find out more about Bilal Hassani’s love life. The singer announced that he “wished to remain enigmatic on this question.”

The artist had been seen on the arm of a certain Cassem, a few months ago. The couple subsequently separated. Since then, Bilal Hassani has remained very discreet about his feelings.



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