Big “star of sport” for judo club Kim-Chi-Wiesbaden –

Sporting activity, especially in judo, must not suffer from Corona. The Judo Club Kim-Chi Wiesbaden makes sure of that with its campaign “Kim-Chi-Wiesbaden ‘moves’ you”. He addresses young and old with targeted offers and creative online solutions. The club has now been awarded the “Big Star of Sport in Silver” for this.

“We are driving to Berlin!”

The Volksbanken-Raiffeisenbanken in Hesse, the state sports association and the state government have now awarded the prize. It is endowed with 2500 euros. In addition, the Wiesbaden judoka, as state champions, will be going to the national final “Golden Stars” in Berlin at the end of January.

How do you become a state champion?

How did the club win the award? Through a very special commitment in the Corona crisis: The little ones were happy about stories, puppet shows and films with animals from the judo safari. Schoolchildren received online instructions on how to make their own judo partner out of towels and tracksuits. For the training groups, there were online videos on judo-specific fitness units with the Theraband. In the end, the crisis was a stroke of luck: the club has sustainably improved its digital offering, reaching significantly more people and is well prepared for another lockdown.

Festive award ceremony

Together with five other sports clubs, the representatives of the Judo Club Kim-Chi Wiesbaden, led by project manager Laurent Schmidt, were honored in a festive setting in Biebrich Castle. Sports Minister Peter Beuth, Petra Kalbhenn, Board Member VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Büdingen eG, as representative of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken in Hessen and Ralf-Rainer Klatt, Vice President of Sports Development of the State Sports Association LSBH, congratulated and presented the prizes. They were supported by sports shooter Manuela Schmermund, jury member and ambassador of the “Stars of Sports” in Hesse.

How did the project manager react?

In any case, project manager Laurent Schmidt was overjoyed and completely overwhelmed at the award ceremony in Wiesbaden. For him, winning the state means “receiving recognition for what small clubs achieve. Not many people know that. Sport can do so much.” He can promise one thing: “We’ll see each other again next year.”

Who else got prizes?

As the second-placed club, the Aeltere Casseler Turngemeinde was delighted to receive a “Small Star of Sports” in silver and 1,500 euros in prize money for its “SPORT NETWORKED” initiative. TSV 1850/09 Korbach Badminton also received a “Little Star of Sport” in silver and EUR 1,000 in prize money with its “BadBiber – Badminton offers advice” initiative. The Obertshausen gymnastics community in 1860, the Dreieich club for sport and therapy on horses and the soccer players from SV Altenmittlau in 1912 received sponsorship prizes and 500 euros each.


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