Benzema accelerates his recovery and in France they are already talking about his possible return to the World Cup

Benzema in a training session for the gala team

Deschamps did not replace the Frenchman with any footballer and FIFA is considering this possibility

Karim Benzema’s curse at the World Cups may come to an end. The French player, who had to leave the concentration of the French team due to a muscle injury just before the start of the championship, is in full recovery process in Madrid and could return to Doha to rejoin the French team. The FIFA regulations contemplate this possibility. Benzema was not replaced by any player. If the Ballon d’Or is recovered in time, it will be Didier Deschamps, the France coach, who will decide.

When the striker was injured, Deschamps opted not to fill his place. The name of the Real Madrid player appears on the list of the matches played by the French team on the list of substitutes. No one has unsubscribed you from the system. Not the first time. André Onana left the Cameroon squad, but his name appeared on the record for the match he played yesterday against Serbia.

Come back or not, Benzema would receive the gold medal if France wins the World Cup. FIFA has confirmed that it will award 26 medals to the team that will be proclaimed world champion on December 18. Benzema continues in the list of players registered for this world championship. If the French team retains its title, Benzema will share the prize, something he could not do in 2018 because he was not called up.



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