Basketball: Pico FC left Estudiantes undefeated at the Green Giant

Estudiantes Concordia remained undefeated at home when they fell 77-69 against Pico FC, at Gigante Verde, as part of a new day of the Southern Conference of the Argentine Basketball League. Axel Mpoyo with 23 points and Agustí Bualó with 22 were the great figures of the game, while Álvaro Yarza finished with 16 in the cast from Entre Ríos. Next Thursday those led by Fernando Malara will visit Tomás de Rocamora from Concepción del Uruguay.

In the first quarter, Pico FC had Axel Mboyo adding eight points (two triples and a double) and Agustín Bualó with seven. In the home owner, the most disturbing was Rafael Banegas contributing eight goals seconded by Yarza with four. The initial segment left with the visit triumphing 19 to 16.

At the beginning of the second quarter Bonfigli converted four points and Rossi punished from long distance. Yarza appeared at home with a triple and a double and then eight points in a row came for Daniel Gauna who hit two consecutive bombings so that the student team would take the lead 31-27. of Alluchón in the host. Partial from 19 to 16, the same as in the first period, but for Estudiantes who finished the first half equaling 35 to 35 against General Roca’s team.

In the third quarter, Agustín Bualó was transcendental in the offenses of the southerners, scoring 10 points with two bombs. Mpoyo and Peyronnet were also important in Pico, hurting from long distance. In the Verde who in those 10 minutes did not defend well had Rattero with five points, Banegas with four and Gauna and Sesto with three each. Partial from 27 to 20 for Pico that closed that third segment up 62 to 55.

In the last quarter with seven points from Yarza and a triple from Pereyra it seemed that the Verde it could turn the game around but a bomb from Mpoyo and another three points from the foreigner himself and from Bualó plus a double from Zalabardo made the visitor end up liquidating the game. Partial from 15 to 14 and victory for Pico Football Club that won all three games on its tour of the Coasts of Uruguay.



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