Basketball, once again a protagonist in the region of Gúdar-Javalambre

The Gúdar-Javalambre region will once again vibrate with basketball on the third weekend of December. The towns of Mora de Rubielos, Sarrión and Alcalá de la Selva will once again be the venues for a new edition of the region’s Christmas Basketball Tournament in which twelve men’s teams and up to eight women’s teams, all from the Under-15 category, They will be measured in three intense days of competition.

And the activity will become frantic both within the basketball courts and in the shops and services of the region, which will welcome with open arms the more than a thousand people displaced by this tournament, including players, coaches and companions. Nearly 250 team members will be joined by nearly 800 more who will accompany the participating teams.

The twelve teams that will compete in the men’s category have been divided into three groups in which they will play all against all. The best of each group will enter the semifinal to reach the final. Meanwhile, the second four will play to decide which team will occupy the fifth to eighth positions and the last four will be debated between the ninth and twelfth position.

The women’s team has been divided into two groups of three teams each year. The best two of each group will play a crossed semifinal to try to secure a place in the final, while the last ones will also play to determine the last positions.

The group phases in both the men’s and women’s categories will be held indistinctly at the three venues from Friday morning to Saturday at noon. The semifinals and finals will be played on the Mora de Rubielos track and the rest of the positions will be decided at the other two venues.


Again there will be twelve teams that will compete in the men’s draw. Mataró, El Palo de Málaga, Olivar, Torrent and Anejas Caja Rural from Teruel are added to the six permanent teams in the competition that participate faithfully to the event every year (Joventut, Valencia Basket, Casademont Zaragoza, Estudiantes, Unicaja and Baxi Manresa). Teruel, in addition to the twelfth team, still to be confirmed. Thus, together with the youth teams of the ACB teams, other high-level teams will compete, maintaining the prestige of quality that accompanies the Gúdar Javalambre Basketball Tournament.

In the women’s group, six teams have already been confirmed, although it is not ruled out that this quota will be increased to eight. So far, the four semifinalist squads in last year’s Spanish Championship (Unicaja, Estudiantes, Valencia and Casademont Zaragoza) have confirmed their participation, in addition to El Palo, who already participated last year, and the Turolenses from Fuenfresca. If the number of women’s teams in competition were finally extended to eight, it would be expanded to four squads in each of the two groups in which the Tournament will be articulated.

Estudiantes was proclaimed champion of the men’s category last year after knocking down Valencia Basket in an exciting final while in the women’s category it was Unicaja who ended up taking the cat to water against

Unicaja de Málaga was the last team to sign the double in the tournament’s record, after winning the last edition of the Christmas Tournament in December 2019. The people of Malaga join the extensive club of teams that have twice won the Gúdar Javalambre champion’s trophy and which is made up, in addition to the Andalusians, of FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Joventut de Badalona and Zaragoza (first as CAI and later with the name of Tecnyconta).

As in the previous edition, the matches will be broadcast via streaming.



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