Basketball – NBA: Ousmane Dieng in the G-League for his development

Despite a promising debut in the NBA, Villeneuvois Ousmane Dieng played with the Oklahoma City reserve team. And his good performances in the G-League could well bring him back to the big league very quickly.

Former Villeneuve basketball club winger Ousmane Dieng continues his development on the other side of the Atlantic. Even if he does not realize it yet, he plays among the greatest in his sport.

“Every time I go to an NBA hall, I tell myself that I was watching these games on TV and now I play. It’s always impressive. We play every other day, even every day. There are a lot fewer training sessions, but the most important thing is to be focused when there are, especially mentally ready. For the matches, as soon as we have the opportunity, it’s to give everything and scratch the minutes, ”said the young Villeneuvois a few days ago.

And to scratch minutes, the Oklahoma City franchise made the decision to play him in the G-League, with the reserve team. With the “Blue”, Ousmane Dieng is more present on the floor during a meeting, which allows him to show all his technical skills on the offensive level.

20 points for his first game

For his first match with Oklahoma City Blue, the Villeneuvois largely contributed to his team’s victory with 20 points (6/13 on shots including 2/8 from three points), 5 points, 4 assists and 2 blocks in 34 minutes. In the G-League, the defenses are less pressing, and he knew how to take advantage of it. Bullets, “coast-to-coast”, penetrations, Ousmane Dieng has done it all. A great performance that he was able to repeat during the next two games with 15 and 17 points.

Mentally there is no doubt, Ousmane Dieng is focused on his goal: winning in the NBA. And even if he was sent to the G-League for a few games, he is not giving up and showing what he is capable of. Assets that could well seduce Mark Daigneault, the head coach of Oklahoma City. Which would force him to quickly reintegrate the Villeneuvois into the NBA.



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