Basketball Euroleague | Barça’s defense disconnects Partizan

“The most important thing is that we continue to take steps forward,” Jasikevicius acknowledged at the end. “The control of the rebound and the defensive work have been fundamental”, valued Oscar Da Silva.

Through the defense, which had been very inconsistent against the Efes and Joventut, the azulgranas found their best sensations again. It was not immediate and the team Obradovic, installed in a very positive streak (four wins in the last five games) controlled the first quarter (17-21). But the intensity of Satoransky on both sides of the court and the dominant appearance of Da Silva in the zones they emerged as two unbalancing factors before the break for Barça. The defensive impact of the team Jasikevicius It was reflected in the 11 points that they conceded to the Belgrade team in that second period alone (39-32).

The irruption of Laprovittola, first with basket passes and then with a score, boosted the confidence of the Barça at the restart and gave way to the best Barça minutes, with margins of up to 15 points (59-44), which could have been wider or even definitive without the saving appearance of Andjusic for the Serbs.

The Serbian forward was responsible for the outcome of the match stretching until the last five minutes, in which Jasikevicius already dared to align Kyle Kuric on leave due to a head injury since last October 2 in a match against Baskonia and who reappeared with a three-pointer and a standing ovation from the public included to show that his quality is still intact.

FC Barcelona, ​​79 – Partizan, 68

FC Barcelona: Satoransky (11), Laprovittola (13), Kalinic (9), Tobey (5), Sanli (8) – cinco inicial – Da Silva (5), Vesely (4), Abrines (6), Higgins (7), Jokubaitis (8), Kuric (3)

8 of 25 triples (Opens 2), 40 rebounds, 14 offensive (Da Silva, 10), 18 assists (Laprovittola, 6),

Partisan: Nunnally (10), Madar (2), Papapetrou (4), Leday (8), Lessort (5) –cinco inicial- Punter (2), Smailagic (5), Exum (6), Trifunovic (-), Brodziansky (3), Andjusic (23).

6 of 20 triples (Andjusic, 3), 30 rebounds, 11 offensive (Lessort, 5), 10 assists (Airport, 2),

partial: 17-21; 22-11; 25-17, 15-19



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