Barça – Basketball Girona, live

Barça – Basketball Girona, live

Min 24Taylor triple for Girona, he had 0 of 3 in triples, it is the first he gets, Fjellerup scores for Girona, technique to Colom for faking a foul, Laprovittola scores from the free throw line, Laprovittola goes to the bench, dosed, 55-46

Min 23Barça’s recovery, counterattack, Kalinic’s mate, Girona’s bad defensive balance, turnovers are killing Girona, Marc Gasol’s basket for Girona, 54-41

Min 22Foul on Miletic, he scores one of his two free throws, Kalinic’s basket for Barça, 52-39

MIn 21start the second part

17:54Oscar Da Silva’s first half: 15 points and 6 rebounds


Min 20Triple by Da Silva for Barça, tremendous, he is already at 14 points, his first half was excellent, 50-38, Barça goes into the break with a 12-point lead

Min 19Taylor scores for Girona, after an offensive rebound, Barça fails in its attack, Marc Gasol’s basket, excellent triangulation for Girona, 47-38

Min 18Kalinic comes out on court at Barça, Da Silva unsportsmanlike foul, Figueras scores the two free throws, Prkacin kills for Girona, Da Silva triples for Barça, Da Silva is doing very well at the moment in this match

Min 17Triple by Miletic for Girona, basket by Jokubaitis, Barça is in an excellent offensive rhythm, Girona only has a lack of equipment in this second quarter, or it gets harder or it won’t have anything to do, 44-30

Min 16Marc Gasol’s basket, low post, against Nnaji, excellent, Higgins triple, Barça is very inspired in the triple, it has started with a 0 of 6, but then everyone is entering, foul on Marc Gasol, scores one of the two free throws, Vesely’s basket for Barça, who is scoring easily, Barça recovers, Vesely kills, Girona is very lost, 42-27

Min 15Triple by Abrines, Barça puts the direct, Aito timeout, 7-0 partial for Barça, Girona is losing a lot of balls, too many to compete against Barça at the Palau, 33-24

Min 14Nnaji comes on the court, unsportsmanlike against Abrines, Marc Gasol comes on the court again, Abrines misses from the free throw line, Abrines recovers, kills on the counterattack, 32-24, Girona has too many turnovers.

Min 13Miletic’s basket for Girona, Vesely’s basket for Barça, Colom’s triple for Girona, Jokubaitis’ basket for Barça, the game accelerates, 30-24

Min 12Oriola comes out on court at Basquet Girona at the start of the second quarter, applause from the public, Jokubaitis comes out on Barça, Colom comes out again, triple by Da Silva for Barça, who has caught the rhythm in the three-pointers, 26 -19

Min 11Start the second quarter


Min 10Abrines triple for Barça, three triples in a row for Barça, Girona fails, Barça counterattack, Higgins basket, he also receives a foul, scores the additional, Fjellerup scores for Girona, important basket, because the partial was 14-0 , the game goes at the end of the first quarter with a 23-19

Min 9Three-pointer by Satoransky, Barça tied the game, time-out for Girona, a kill by Da Silva and two three-pointers tied the game, Barça chained two three-pointers after missing their first six attempts, all after Jasikevicius’ time-out, 17 -17

Min 8Da Silva’s mate, Satoransky generating from the low post, Girona fails, Higgins triple, it’s Barça’s first triple after six errors, 14-17

Min 7Barça is 0 of 6 in triples, Miletic’s basket for Girona, Barça’s time out, 9-17, Barça is not at all fine in attack or defense,

Min 6Garino leaves in Girona, Colum basket, Paulí basket after offensive rebound, more changes, Sorolla leaves, Figueras leaves, 9-15

Min 5Foul on Prkacin, he scores the two free throws for Girona, foul on Sanli, great assistance from Satoransky, scores one of the two free throws, Higgins enters the court at Barça, 7-13

Min 4Vila’s basket, excellent at the start of the match, Barça fails, Colom’s three-pointer on the counterattack, Da Silva’s basket, after an offensive rebound, Girona seeks to speed up the game to play as little as possible in a static attack, 6-11

Min 3Taylor’s basket for Girona, Da Silva’s basket, Barça’s first points arrive, Satoransky assists, Girona fails, Laprovittola’s basket, it is his first basket, 4-6

Min 2Vila’s basket to start the match, Girona scores on their first possession, Barça misses their first attack, Marc Gasol’s basket, Girona’s good start, 0-4

Min 1start the game

17:00Five Girona Basketball players have a Barcelona past: Marc Gasol, Pierre Oriola, Jaume Sorolla, Pol Figueras and Èric Vila. The last three went through the Blaugrana quarry.

17:00Girona comes out with Colom, Taylor, Prkacin, Vila and Gasol

16:59Barça comes out with Satoransky, Laprovittola, Paulí, Sanli and Da Silva

16:57Aíto’s men hope to take advantage of the wear and tear of the azulgranas, who will arrive at the Palau with only one day off after hosting Fenerbahçe Istanbul.

16:53the match is played
Today, Sunday, at 5:00 p.m.

16:52It comes from winning at home
UCAM Murcia by
Marc Gasol once again it was differential with 24 points, seconded by
Kameron Taylor and by
Quino Colomboth with 20 points to their credit.

Basketball Gironafor its part, occupies the fourteenth place in the classification with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses, where it intends to squeeze its options to stay out of the dangerous relegation zones.

16:39The team of
Saruns Jasikevicius march as a leader in
Endesa Leaguetied with
CB Canarias and Real Madridall three with a record of

16:35Marc Gasol returns to what was his home, this time as president-player of Girona, together with Aíto García Reneses

16:29Barça and Básquet Girona meet in the seventh round of the Liga Endesa. The Barcelona team contests this Catalan derby with reinforced morale after beating Fenerbahçe in the Euroleague (81-80).



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