away defeat for Pallacanestro Sora (54-49)

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The bianconeri have not deserved. Fought match and finished 3-1 for Sora in the calculation of the partials. Terracina +5 in the total at the end of the match, thanks above all to the second set clearly lost by the Biaconeros.

Difficult away match for the under 19 Sorana, engaged on the Academy Terracina fieldwinner of the championship last season. The pontini won 54-49, but the sorani remained in the game until the end. Below is the scoresheet from the match taken from the Sora basketball social page.

Academy Terracina Bkball 54 – Pall. Sora 49

Partial: 10-12 / 27-10 / 7-15 / 10-12

Academy Terracina Bkball: Olleia 11, Spada 2, Teni 6, Negossi ne, Spagnardi 5, Fusco ne, Angelucci 12, Talamo, Gianfelice, Di Clemente, Riccardi 4, Salvadego 15. Coach: Spada;

Sora basketball: Frascone 4, Urbano 2, Giangrande 11, Santaniello, Ferrera 22, Raspante 5, Benedetti 2. Coach: Basile

«It was a beautiful game – said coach Basile – I saw a team with a capital S that never gave up, I saw play and understanding until the end, I saw pride despite the defeat».

The Bianconeri are still dry in the standings, but victory is in the air. You just have to keep working hard.



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