Argentina and Messi beat Mexico 2-0

Dhe stadium in Lusail hasn’t seen too many football matches, it’s new like most arenas in Qatar. It was built primarily for the finale of this world championship and what else it will experience until then, who knows?

But it can already be said with certainty that there will hardly be a louder goal scream than on this Saturday evening, 11:24 p.m. local time. The deafening noise was triggered by Lionel Messi, his powerful shot with his left foot put those who supported Argentina’s Selección in a state of emergency.

And there were many, very many. Thousands of compatriots have set out for the country of the host, for days they have been turning the capital Doha into a noisy marketplace wherever they turn up. Add to that all the people from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia who are siding with Lionel Messi.

They all later left the stadium singing and celebrating, drunk with joy as they headed into the balmy night of Doha, knowing their team was back in the tournament. Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 but still need to beat Poland in their last game to be sure of reaching the round of 16.



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