Argentina – a letter to the national team

Dear Argentina National Team,

To the great people of Argentina, I say hurray! Yes, this is how I start my letter because, today, you are the whole country, beating for 45 million hearts.

You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders this winter. You will be representing everyone from General San Martín to our people in the Malvinas, to all the Argentines who have flown our flag over the years.

Guys, I’m so excited to see you all come together as a team this year. You seem like so much more than just a football team, you play the game like friends on the street.

I believe you’ve found the true meaning of football, the passion and camaraderie that underpin the beautiful game. If someone messes with one of you, he messes with all of you.

We are very optimistic about this World Cup because, in my opinion, we have the best team in the tournament. We understand that Lionel Messi and the whole team dream of winning the World Cup for the Argentine people.

I mean that since Germany 2006, I’ve designed most of the Argentinian flags that travel to every World Cup. The most epic was in Brazil 2014, when the fans of Godoy Cruz made a flag measuring 30 x 100 meters, with portraits of Maradona, Pope Francis and Messi and the phrase ‘National Pride’. I felt like I was wearing Argentina’s number 10 shirt when I saw it.

I send a lot of flags to every World Cup in order to be in the crowd, but I never had the chance to travel to follow a tournament. It would be the dream of a lifetime to go to an Argentina game at the World Cup, and I hope to make it come true one day.

Folks, please hold the 45 million countrymen in your hearts and remember how much this means to them during every game in Qatar. And remember, our 12th man, Diego Maradona, will be rooting for you to bring the trophy back home.

Best wishes,

Pepe Perreta.



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