Archery, European Indoor Championships: the first time with bare archery

The barebow division makes its debut at the continental championships. There will be 8 specialists in the blue bare archery present in Lasko (Slo), with the aim of repeating what they have been doing for years at the Italian Championships

What will take place next week in Lasko, Slovenia, will be a “first time” European Indoor Championship. In fact, the main novelty concerns the presence of the barebow division, barebow in the international wording. In simple terms we are talking about an Olympic bow without sights and stabilizers, as well as other equipment. Change the bow and also change the technique with which the archers shoot the arrows towards the target, but it certainly does not change the dexterity needed to hit the target at a distance of 18 meters (but on a 60 cm target instead of 40 as for the Olympic). The international federation decided to include this division in international indoor tournaments, after realizing that there were many specialists waiting for this chance…

Italy leader

As has already happened several times in the past, Italy was among the first to allow bare arch athletes to participate in the Italian indoor championships, considering that the first absolute Italian indoor title dates back to 2000, as had been admitted in various Italian competitions included in the international calendar, such as the Italian Challenge in Rimini or the Italian leg of the indoor world series, the Roma Archery Trophy. On these occasions World Archery has realized that it was worth including the bare bow in its official manifestations. Thus, the specialists of this division, in addition to competing internationally in the European and world field (in Italy this discipline is called “field shooting”) and 3D, in a few days they will finally be able to write their first page of history in a review indoor continental.

The blues in the race

It goes without saying that the news was received with great favor and expectations in the Bel Paese, given that the Azzurri have produced excellent champions in this division as well. To sign this international debut with their presence in Lasko there will naturally be the spearhead of Italy, Cinzia Noziglia, a Ligurian athlete in the Fiamme Oro force who boasts an extraordinary curriculum, including world and European field and 3D titles, as well as boasting a world record on 25 meters and victory in the last edition of the World Games, a title that he will defend this summer in Birmingham, USA. Together with the Ligurian athlete there will be Laura Turello (Arcieri Udine) and Fabia Rovatti (Ki Oshi), while in the men’s field the life partner and coach of Noziglia, Daniele Bellotti (Arcieri Fivizzano), Valter Basteri (Frecce Apuane) and Simone Barbieri (Malin Archery Team). The blue group will also be able to bring junior athletes to the race and, in this division, Davide Morra of the Alpignano Archers and the current European field champion Eleonora Meloni, of the Uras Archers, have earned the call-up. For all of them, capable of reaping international laurels in other disciplines with great continuity, there is now the possibility of replenishing the well-stocked international palmares of blue archery also in the indoor specialty.



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