Archery, Byzantine Archers unleashed at the “City of Ravenna Trophy”

A long weekend for the Byzantine Archers who on Saturday and Sunday were busy organizing the indoor “City of Ravenna Trophy”, their traditional autumn home competition. Two days that saw around 150 athletes from 27 clubs battle it out on the shooting line of the Dante Alighieri school gym in Lido Adriano, a beautiful, recently renovated facility. A real success both in terms of participation and in terms of results with 12 individual podiums and 4 team podiums. Twenty-five home athletes, with many youngsters and several debuts in the senior and master classes. The youth classes reach the podium in all divisions from Olympic archery to compound archery, passing through bare archery. For the compound division Riccardo Venturi, male pupil class, never ceases to amaze by dropping a 576 (287+289) on the table which earned him the gold medal, the personal best and that of company. First step of the podium also for Mirko Sebastian Grassi for the junior male class who wins the gold medal with a score of 526 (264+262). Honors also to the very young Viola Brunelli and Nicola Barlotti, who both win the gold medal for the Olympic bow division: Viola with a score of 415 (217+198) for the women’s category, Nicola with a score of 385 (188+197 ) for the men’s category. For bare archery, good performance by Matelda Miolo who scores 459 (236 + 223) winning the gold medal, her personal best and that of a company for the junior female category. Closing the podiums of the youth categories, Diego dalla Costa who joins his teammate on the podium of the very young men’s OL, winning the bronze medal with a score of 373 (195+178) and setting his new personal best. Also for Nicole Morrongiello comes the new personal and company record for the women’s OL boys category who with 379 points places herself in 6th place in the category.

Going back to bare archery, the men’s masters give us an all yellow and red podium: gold medal for Simone Pizzi with a score of 505 (250+255), silver for Massimo Venturi with a score of 496 (256+240) and only two points away Marcello Tozzola bronze medal with a score of 494 (248+246). Pizzi, Venturi, Tozzola also conquer the team gold medal with a score of 1495. Still on the bare archery theme there is also the gold medal of the senior women’s team formed for the occasion by Donatella Domini (in her debut) , Melania Ghetti and Concettina Palmiero who achieve the score of 1216 (440+412+364). Even the Olympic arc gives satisfactions with the first place of Marcello Tozzola in the men’s master category with a score of 553 (278 + 275), the silver medal of Sofia Fuschini with a score of 519 (259 + 260) in the senior category female and a surprising second place by Tina Karasova who with a score of 492 (242+250) wins, at her debut, the silver medal in the female master category and sets the new company record by raising the bar by 45 points . Podiums also for the two senior teams of OL: gold medal for the pink team made up of Sofia Fuschini, Giusi Torelli and Concettina Palmiero with a score of 1482 (519+506+457), which is also the new company record . The men’s team is very fast and, from race to race, the score always improves: Thomas Tarantola, Denis Costantini and Alessandro Farinella achieve 1613 (539+537+537) winning the gold medal. The placings. Senior male OL bow: 5th Thomas Tarantola with 539, 6th Denis Costantini with 537, 7th Alessandro Farinella with 537, 15th Luca Nardi with 428. Senior female OL bow: 5th Giusi Torelli with 505 (new personal best), 8th Concettina Palmiero with 457. Arco OL master men: 16th Simone Pizzi with 496. Arco OL boys men: 5th Felipe Ernesto CASTRO RAMIREZ at 260 at his debut. Bow OL boys female: 8th Margherita Turci with 197. Acro CO senior men: 5th Denis Costantini with 555 Barebow senior female: 5th Donatella Domini with 440, at her debut; 6th Melania Ghetti with 412, 7th Concettina Palmiero with 364



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