Apple will not buy a soccer team, but after buying the rights to the NFL in the US, it plans to do the same in the Netherlands

A few days ago the rumor broke that Apple might be interested in buying Manchester United. Yes, the entire football team. Later it was seen that what made many of us raise our eyebrows with some skepticism was not going to go ahead, but Apple’s plans with sports do not end, by far, there.

The truth is that in Spain we have something far away, but in the United States Apple is making interesting moves in the field of broadcasting matches of various sports. Let’s remember that Major League Soccer (MSL) will be streaming on the Apple TV app, and that’s after Apple bought Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Friday games, and now the move can be repeated in Europe.

Sports are becoming an increasingly integral part of Apple TV

while we are watching the World Cup in Qatar 2022 with the broadcast rights of the different matches between various platforms, all with their advantages and disadvantages in terms of price, quantity, image quality and additional content, Apple continue to express interest in sports content. It has already bought several rights in the United States, and now it could repeat the play in the Netherlands.

Such as publish to iCreate (via 9to5Mac), Apple has been in talks to buy eredivisie rights. This is affirmed by none other than Chris Woerts, a well-known specialist in the world of sports in the Netherlands.

For now we do not know the details of the conversations, but apparently there is a pretty close competition to get the rights to broadcast the Eredivisie. One in which, among others, Netflix and Amazon participate and in which figures of between 150 and 200 million euros per year are handled. Remember that right now the broadcast belongs to ESPN, owned by Disney.

Beyond the fact that Apple can enlarge its catalog of sports offers, the movement by the Cupertino company leaves us with an important question: What will be next? Will we see La Liga on Apple TV? Without having disclosed any kind of information in this regard, it is clear that Apple is increasingly looking at sports.

A movement that, given the enormous capital that the company has to invest in this kind of business, you can bring a lot of attention to your streaming service and ecosystem as well. At a time when the Apple TV+ catalog complements with films of its most famous protagonists, Apple’s movements in terms of sports are to be closely followed.

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