Anastasia Iamachkine claimed her second professional title of the year in Argentina

Iamachkine and the Brazilian Anda Candiotto managed to become champions in the doubles final 6-3 in Argentina. (TennisxThem)

For his second title. The Peruvian tennis player Anastasia Iamachkine arrived and won in the doubles final at the ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR W15 which took place at the Club Náutico de Mar del Plata. Despite her defeat in singles, the national athlete continued to fight for victory in this modality with the Brazilian Ana Candiotto. Together they managed to finish 6-3 twice and during the match they had no major problem when it came to beating the duo of Argentines Luciana Blatter and Josefina Estévez, in one hour and 11 minutes of play.

“I didn’t have a good match in singles, but I’m very happy that I was able to play better in doubles and win my second professional title of the year. We won solidly despite it being the first time I’ve played with Ana, we got along super well and I think that was reflected on the pitch, we had a great week of good games. I think we complement each other very well, Ana has a good serve, I can’t cross much on volleys and that’s why I think there’s a good team. Maybe in the future we can play together again,” he said. A burden Iamachkin after winning the first place trophy in doubles for the Tenis x Ellas Foundation.

Anastasia, solid at the bottom and the great bowling of Candiotto, led them to obtain one more professional title, which benefits them in the ranking of the Women’s Tennis Association. At the moment, the Peruvian is in position 1028 and the Brazilian in position 853, being the second favorites of the tournament in doubles.

Although the national tennis player could not access the individual final in the ITF W15 Silver SeaAfter losing 2-0 to the German Luisa Meyer Auf Der Heide, who is ranked 395th in the ranking, she is now preparing for her last tournament of the year in Buenos Aires, where she will seek victory in singles.

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Anastasia Iamachkine was crowned doubles champion at the W15 Mar del Plata (@Tenisxellas)

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The young 22-year-old Peruvian tennis player, of Russian descent, started playing tennis at the age of five, she was part of the team Peru Fed Cup between 2016 and 2019. Likewise, in November 2017 he obtained the silver medal in doubles in the Bolivarian Games and in 2019 he was awarded the bronze medal for mixed doubles in the largest sports event organized in Lima during that year, the Panamerican Games.

Likewise, his last victory was obtained a few weeks ago in the W15 in Peru. Anastasia Iamachkine y Luciana Perez They managed to crown themselves in doubles. The Peruvian duo defeated the pair made up of their compatriot Romina Ccuno and the Colombian María Torres in straight sets of 6-2 and 6-4 without problems.

That was the first professional title of the year for Anastasia, who managed to consecrate himself with a great presentation in Lima and was able to lift the title without losing a set.


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