Analysis of the situation in Oviedo: concern for nursing and optimism with Borja

A month later, Borja Sánchez to take the final leap and get away from the danger zone. Oviedo returns to the ring tomorrow against Ponferradina (4:15 p.m.) after a week-long break in the League for the Cup game. The focus has been on the offices: goodbye to Vallina, remodeling of the council… Now he is back on the pitch and Cervera, the blue coach, will be able to count on the differential player of the squad. The “10”, called to make a leap in quality, is ready after his injury and subsequent relapse. He will not start, but it is expected that he will play a few minutes. Borja has not dressed short for a month in the duel against Albacete that later cost the first major sporting crisis with Pachuca in charge: Bolo and Tito were fired. Now, with Cervera in command, the man from Oviedo will fight again for his position.

During his absence Marcelo Flores has not managed to win a place on the left. Hugo Rama and Bretones took turns on that flank that seems to be owned by the man from Oviedo. His return is almost the only positive note in the blue infirmary, which is still full.

Cervera, concerned about this aspect, was very happy yesterday with the presence of the “10” and analyzed what he can contribute to Oviedo. “Hopefully I can get what I saw from Borja Sánchez when I wore the Oviedo games. I have seen many games with Roberto (Perera, assistant) and I told him: ‘This kid would be fine’. He is a player with a changed leg, who always It’s good to have one. I was going to say of a certain quality and no, rather of a lot of quality. We particularly, who I hope will be a rocky team and difficult to beat, we need that type of player when we have the ball”, he said Coach.

With Bolo, the coaching staff’s plan was to place Borja behind the striker. The idea was never carried out. With Cervera there seems to be no doubt. “When I arrived I asked (about whether to put Borja as a winger or playmaker). Many coaches have tried to put him behind the striker and I don’t know if it’s not visible, but it doesn’t quite work so well. In principle, I see him in the left”, cleared Cervera.

The return of Borja Sánchez is the positive part of the week. There is also bad news. The plague of injuries continues to ravage the team and Cervera confirmed yesterday Montoro’s muscle injury, which was pending tests. Suffering from pain in the adductor, the coach hopes that the loss of the midfielder will be minimal. It is not a problem for El Toralín, since Montoro was sanctioned, but he does worry because he joins the list of fallen. In the midfield they are legion: Javi Mier, Koba and now the aforementioned Montoro. “He has an adductor injury. Apparently he was having some discomfort and in the Cup I did not change him for that, but to give oxygen. He did not complain, he had some discomfort, they did tests and there is an injury.”

In the club there is a state of total concern for all the injuries this season. In addition, most have a pattern: they are in the same area, adductor or pubis. We do not know what the injury problem is due to, in many it is in the same area. It worries me and we try to correct it. There are many factors: consecutive games, soft pitches… But there is some factor that has to explain it”, pointed out the coach. In addition to Borja, Cervera will also be able to recover Pomares for El Toralín, as well as Enrich. None of them will start and The most predictable thing is that Bretones will be the one to play on the left side due to the suspension of Aceves.”It surprised me because for me he can play in various positions and that is always good for a coach,” said the coach about the youth squad. He hopes to be able to put together a good run in the following days (Ponferradina and Mirandés) to definitely get out of the bottom zone.”I don’t know if Ponferradina has anxiety, we do, because we want to get out of there. We want to feel comfortable in the aspect that when we fail, because we will fail again, it doesn’t mean getting into trouble again. It will be a game between two teams that want to live a little calmer than now, but I don’t think much about anxiety,” the coach stressed.

Cervera makes it clear to Marcelo Flores. The Oviedo coach had an impact yesterday in El Requexón on Marcelo Flores, who is not having the expected role. “I only see Marcelo Flores in the position he played the other day in Torrelavega, on the left. It is where he is most protected, where he will receive the ball best and where he will have the most options to do one on one. Left flank and leg changed, I only see him there. I think he also thinks he can play on the inside, but the coaches also think about the facet without the ball”.


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