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Andrés Cadavid was in charge of putting Medellín ahead in the Pascual Guerrero. A controversial penalty that referee Edilson Ariza did not see head on and that he sanctioned after being warned by the VAR, turned out to be decisive for America to lose at halftime.

Everything happened at 22 minutes, after a foul they charged on Luciano Pons. A struggle in the area that the referee did not forgive, after reviewing the action over and over again. Gianfranco Peña, the other protagonist, ended up with yellow.

The scoring defender of Colombian soccer executed the perfect charge, powerful in the center that completely deceived goalkeeper Diego Novoa, who decided on the right post. Ball to the bottom and DIM got 0-1.

“It’s a normal play that happens millions of times in football,” said Faryd Mondragón while Carlos Antonio Vélez questioned the referee about his decision. “There’s nothing. He provokes the foul and he throws himself at him. No, no, no. We all saw the same thing. The truth is I don’t see anything, in all set pieces it happens. They grab from everywhere”.

The truth is that DIM went ahead thanks to Cadavid’s goal and went into the break 0-1. At the moment he gets his first victory in the home runs. Concern in America that came from losing against Águilas.

This was the controversial penalty action charged by Andrés Cadavid against América de Cali:


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