All the words of Leao’s father about Rafael’s future (Milan or…?).

Antonio Leofather of AC Milan footballer Rafael, gave an interview to Record (HERE reproduced in full), a well-known Portuguese sports magazine, and thus expressed his opinion on the future of the AC Milan number 17.

The latest news talk about a renewal with Milan or an interest from Chelsea and that everything depends on the resolution of the process with Sporting…. Is that right?

“The answer is: we’re working on it!”.

What does this mean? Who renews with Milan or who goes to Chelsea?

“We are negotiating, because Rafael Leão has a contract that expires in 2024. Until that date, we are negotiating about everything. Without Chelsea, without Barcelona, ​​without Real Madrid, we are dealing with this.”

Is Rafa’s will to stay in Italy or leave Milan after 2024?

“He loves being in Italy. He has a predilection for the Italians, the one the Portuguese don’t have for him. He won the best player award in last Serie A not because he was handsome, but simply… because he’s the best.”



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