After the resurrection of Klay Thompson, Ja Morant sends a cash message!

Despised from all sides for weeks, Klay Thompson has recently come back to life with the Warriors. He is not the only star in this case, enough to push Ja Morant to drop a message without appeal on social networks. Killa Klay will appreciate.

His start to the season was very complicated, and Klay Thompson did not help things by dropping outings in the media that went very badly. But for the past few days, it seems that the back of the Warriors is finally joining words to deeds. Violently provoked by Mikal Bridges during his team’s defeat against the Suns, the No. 11 reacted scathingly on the pitch. icing on the cake, it translates into a series of invincibility for the Dubs:

Klay since the gesture of Mikal Bridges: 24 points per game at 52% shooting including 55% from three points (10 award-winning shots attempted per game) and a record of 4-0.

Ja Morant delighted with the beautiful performances of Klay and Ben Simmons

This return to form of Killa Klay is a pleasure to see, he who has just planted 20 points at 6/12 behind the arc in the victory of Golden State against the Jazz. Meanwhile, another league superstar is raising his head after a mediocre start: Ben Simmons. Conspired after his first steps at the Nets, the winger has seen his numbers climb for six games with each time a double figure performance in scoring. Not insignificant, when you know that it was his big weak point for months.

Of course, the two men must confirm this great pass over time, but there is reason to be a little optimistic about them. Their peers are in any case happy to see them shine on the courts lately, starting with Ja Morant. The Grizzlies franchise player is not known for mince words and after his team’s success against the Pelicans tonight, he took the opportunity to tackle everyone who had shot Thompson and Ben 10:

Klay and Ben shine in the game and everyone is quiet now

It’s a fact, the compliments are flowing much less against the two All-Stars than the critics had done. Again, we will have to wait to see if both can maintain their current level of play. Everything moves very quickly in the NBA, so a few more weeks of performing well and public opinion could change drastically.

Klay Thompson and Ben Simmons are gradually returning to their best level and that is something that Ja Morant really likes. With all due respect to the haters of the two men that the Memphis star allowed himself to ruin badly.



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