Aday Mara, leaves the Casademont expedition for academic reasons

Candidate Mara He is not just a magnificent basketball player capable of, at just 17 years of age, crushing the Real Madrid hoop to nail an anthological dunk into the face of the Frenchman Poirier. With a promising future ahead, the young center of Casademont Zaragoza is also one of the thousands of Aragonese kids who are currently immersed in the exam period. For this reason, the 2.20 giant has not worked this week at the same pace as his teammates. In fact, this Thursday he was absent from the morning training session and this Friday he will not travel to Seville with the rest of the squad for tomorrow’s game on the Real Betis court (6:00 p.m.).

The difficulty in combining training under Fisac ​​with his studies has not made Aday stop training, but it has they have removed him from the basketball elite in a timely manner. As a consequence of this decision, the pivot will miss the important event this Friday at the Andalusian track.

Mekowulu, dude

The one who did not have his seat guaranteed this Thursday on the plane that will take Casademont Zaragoza to the Andalusian capital is Christian Mekowulu. The Nigerian was also absent from training as a result of a gastric period that prevented him from working under the orders of Porfirio Fisac. In this way, his participation in tomorrow’s match remains up in the air, awaiting how the Nigerian evolves in the early hours of the day on Friday.

If Mekowulu’s absence is confirmed, the Casademont Zaragoza coach will see his rotation in the inside game reduced exponentially, where he will have Hlinason, Simanic and Nguirane. The one who will travel to Seville is the latest signing of the Aragonese club, Chris Wright, who confirmed that he was in full condition for Saturday’s appointment.


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