Actors who can beat anyone up using martial arts

Las Martial Arts They are a set of techniques that seek to perfect hand-to-hand combat. These were born mostly in the Middle East and over time they have become popular around the world, thanks to the great benefits they bring. So much so, that many Hollywood actors – like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Biel – practice sports like karate, jiu-jitsu or taekwondo.

This could come as a surprise to many, especially if we are talking about actors who appear very little -or not at all- in action movies. But the truth is that the list of artists is quite extensive, as well as the reasons why they have decided to train one of these legendary arts.

Here we will tell you about the advantages for physical and mental health that training in any of these disciplines brings and which are the celebrities that could defeat you in hand-to-hand combat.

They are not to attack, but to defend

For tastes, the colors. The types of martial arts encompass a wide number of sports and disciplines that promote physical and mental health. Each one has its characteristics, which is why it can be said that there is a great variety that can be adapted for each person.

Most martial arts avoid the use of weapons and concentrate on the abilities that the body can develop. Photo: iStock

However, most of these have one point in common and that is that they are designed so that anyone can learn to defend themselves. The idea is never to start an altercation, since self-control is something very important within this discipline.

In fact, the British Martial Arts Association highlights that “in mastering a martial art, people use both the body and the mind, which cannot be said of all types of exercise.” This is fundamental, since beyond the physical aspects, having great mental strength is essential within the practice.

Many of the martial arts that are practiced today have their origins in China or Japan. Photo: iStock

On the other hand, martial arts can have positive effects on physical health, because according to Humberto Martínez – who is an instructor and eighth degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation of Colombia – these disciplines help flexibility, strength and body balance, in addition to presenting positive effects on muscle toning and an increase in cardiovascular resistance.

Jennifer Aniston: from the art of acting to the art of combat

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous actresses of this century. With her starring performance in ‘Friends’ and her countless movies and series, the 53-year-old American actress has been in the spotlight for her talent, her career and her youthful appearance.

Well, perhaps one of her secrets to staying so athletic and strong is Budokon, a practice that firms, tones, and refines the muscles of the entire body.

This is a combination of yoga, meditation and martial arts that focuses on the samurai philosophy of uniting the mind, fight and spirituality, which was born in the year 2000 as the brainchild of Cameron Shayne, a martial arts expert and martial arts enthusiast. yoga originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The real training of John Wick

On the other hand, there is also the talented Keanu Reeves, who is recognized for the role of Neo in ‘The Matrix’ and for his recent appearance in the video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. Since the beginning of his career, the actor has been characterized by starring in intense action scenes that have quite realistic touches. And is not for less.

The actor is recognized for his great performance in the movie ‘John Wick’. Photo: EF

For the movie ‘John Wick’, the actor spent months learning judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu. The latter is characterized by being a discipline that uses the philosophy and movements of self-defense through grip and key techniques.

As for judo, according to the International Judo Federation, it is a Japanese martial art that was born in 1882. It was created by the educator and athlete Jigoro Kano when he saw the need to create a personal defense system that would allow students to develop their body, mind and character.

Wing Chu and Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr., the actor who plays ‘Iron Man’ in the Marvel movies, is another artist who fully enjoys doing martial arts. According to what he told presenter Oprah Winfrey in an interview for her show in 2004, Wing Chun was the discipline that helped him overcome his drug addiction.

His problems began when he was only ten years old. By then he was already smoking marijuana and was close to other types of psychotropic substances. However, when he got to know the art of Wing Chun -which was also practiced by Bruce Lee- he was able to totally change his lifestyle.

It should be noted that this practice is quite peculiar, since its origin or date of creation is not entirely clear. In the book ‘The definitive guide to the history and tradition of Wing Chun’, published in 2015 by the athlete and writer Roberto Chu, it is presumed that it is a martial art that includes kung fu techniques from southern China, but he emphasizes that It is not something one hundred percent guaranteed.

Jessica Biel and her role as Abigail Whistler

Jessica Biel is another of the actresses who is not far behind. The actress, producer and model decided to start an arduous training in different martial arts techniques when she was recruited for the movie ‘Blade Trinity’. Since then she has been interested in karate and boxing.

The ‘path of the empty hand’ or better known as karate is a very popular practice originating in Japan. The karate fighter Morio Higgaona tells in his book ‘Traditional Karatedo’ that this art was developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom under the influence of Chinese self-defense practices. Initially, it is characterized as a combat sport that also seeks deep personal development.

According to what Biel told the American magazine ‘Look’, practicing self-defense techniques made her feel empowered and more self-confident.

“Now I’m really into martial arts, it’s the most amazing training in the world. And since I’ve been working with a partner, I’ve learned some amazing self defense moves and most importantly how to channel energy,” she explained.

Three seasons full of taekwondo: Evan Rachel Wood

Taekwondo is a martial art from South Korea. It literally translates ‘the way of the art of the fist and the kick’ and it is one of the most practiced sports around the world.

In this, students learn more and more things as the years go by and proof of this are the colored belts that they must wear with their uniform, with black representing one of the highest grades.

Precisely, this is the one that the actress Evan Rachel Wood has, one of the protagonists of the acclaimed series ‘Westworld’ on HBO Max. According to what she told the American magazine ‘People’, many of her action scenes could be carried out, since she has knowledge in taekwondo.

Here’s the thing, I told them I was a black belt when I signed up to do the show and the directors said it would be helpful. When the third season comes around, they start choreographing this fight and I start doing kicks and the stunt coordinator goes ‘What?! What?!’” he recounted with a laugh.

Apparently everyone on the set had been surprised, especially the stunt coordinator, who was unaware of the actress’s abilities.




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