Abano. Fear at the bar, drunk armed with a knife and a 5-shot pistol who is involved in a fight

ABANO – Unjustified possession of weapons and receiving stolen goods. These are the crimes charged by the Carabinieri of Abano against two people subjected to checks during the coordinated control service carried out over the last weekend. An operation conducted with the aim of preventing predatory crimes and ensuring a peaceful development of the nightlife during the weekend. Two others have been reported to the Prefecture of Padua as habitual users of drugs. The military of the thermal company’s operational and mobile radio unit, supported by the operational intervention teams of the 4th Veneto Battalion of Mestre and the carabinieri of the Padua anti-adulteration unit, thoroughly checked the territories of Abano, Albignasego and Monselice.

Weapons, burglary tools and scuffles

To get into trouble first, a 30-year-old craftsman residing in Abano Terme who was denounced on the loose with the indictment of unjustified possession of weapons and offensive objects. The man, completely drunk, had found himself involved in a scuffle inside the local Relilax’s Café & Shisha Lounge in viale Nazioni Unite. Completely altered by alcohol, his conditions had seriously begun to worry the owners who had alerted 112 for fear that the situation would degenerate. A patrol from the Arma arrived shortly after and managed to restore calm and verify the position of the 30-year-old. Who was found in possession of a kitchen knife with an eighteen centimeter blade and a reproduction of a Bruni model 92, 9 caliber pistol, without the red cap and with a magazine that contained five rounds inserted. The second complaint, both for unjustified carrying of weapons and objects capable of offending and for receiving stolen goods, concerned an 18-year-old resident in Padua. Inside the young man’s car, stopped during a normal check, the soldiers of the Arma found a car catalyst which detectives suspect proceeds from a theft, a series of burglary tools it’s a baseball bat.

With regard to the two people reported to the Prefecture as habitual drug users, the first was found in possession of 3 grams of marijuana and the second of 1.25 grams of the same substance. During the operation, a total of thirty-three vehicles were checked and ninety-four people were identified. The prevention and verification activities in the area by the Abano Terme company therefore continue regularly, despite the recent declaration of unusability of the barracks, also home to the station command. A measure taken by the municipal administration of the thermal city after the sudden detachment, in the first days of last week, of a portion of plaster from the kitchen of the commander’s quarters. This led to the immediate closure of the building pending the activation, shortly, of the new garrison of the Arma. However, this has not slowed down operational activity, nor even less that of collecting complaints for which a mobile station has been made available twenty-four hours a day in front of the viale delle Terme headquarters.



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