Aaron Rodgers has a specific request


If it were up to him, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers would play all of his games on natural grass.

A two-time recipient of the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award, the 38-year-old veteran has had enough experience to understand that the condition of certain playing surfaces can lead to significant issues for athletes who set foot on them. In his eyes, the synthetic and its variants no longer have a place in the NFL.

“I think we would have less of all those injuries not having to do with physical contact. It would be a step in the right direction to keep players safe,” Rodgers told ESPN of the idea of ​​mandating natural grass in Goodell Circuit stadiums.

The number 12, however, has reservations about the goodwill of the league, which he considers questionable. “I don’t have much confidence when it comes to circuit decisions involving the influence and vote of a few owners who don’t want to spend.”

Nonetheless, Rodgers can take comfort in knowing that the Players Association agrees with his opinion. The union also submitted a request on Tuesday to ban a type of surface (in English, the “slit film turf”) used by seven NFL teams; Green Bay is not one of them. The union believes, like the pivot of the Packers, that the risk of injury would be reduced by banning the synthetic.



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