a weekend of competitions for the 41st anniversary of the Archery Club Ventimiglia (photo) –

The Archery Club Ventimiglia shines for its 41st anniversary. Organized by the Archery Club Ventimiglia last weekend to celebrate the 41st re-affiliation a competition on 18 meters for the VII Trophy. Amazing weekend with the participation of about 130 archers from Liguria, Piedmont-Lombardy, Principality of Monaco, France, Archers Campania Capua. Deployed in full force, with 23 archers, the home team that obtained three individual titles with Orrigo, Lonis and Fornaccini, got on the podium nine times and four with the teams.

The results:

Women’s Senior Olympic Bow:
1st Beatrice Orrigo and new record of 529 points
5th Cecilia Pastorino
6° Alena Marchesi
and first team

Senior Men’s Olympic Bow:
6th Philip Ciaramitano

Women’s Master Olympic Bow:
7th Antonella Merigone

Master Men’s Olympic Bow:
10th Fabio Pavone

Women’s Olympic Student Bow:
6th Julia Aloi

Women’s Girls’ Olympic Bow:
3° Vittoria Bella

Men’s Boys Olympic Bow:
5° Jamal Conidi

Women’s Teen Olympic Arch:
3rd Margherita Maccario
4th Giulia Leber
5th Ludovica Maccario
and first team

Men’s Junior Olympic Bow:
3rd Leonardo Pavone
5° Carlos Martin
6th Jubilated Noe
and first team
8th Domenico Campagna

Senior Men’s Compound Bow:
2nd Philip Ciaramitano
3rd Mario Campagnolo

Master Compound Bow for Men:
1° Enrico Lonis
3rd Massimo Casanova Escape
14th Pino Saglibene
and first team

Senior Men’s Barebow:
1st Fabio Fornaccini
3rd Luca Baldacci in his first race

The archers were supported by the instructors Laura Lorenzi and Ido Ferraldeschi, and declare themselves very satisfied with the results.
We would like to thank the Camporosso councilor for sport, Cristina Celi, for her presence, representing the mayor Davide Gibelli, to whom a plaque was dedicated as a sign of gratitude for the willingness to make the outdoor field available “free of charge”. Camporosso – they declare to the organizers – thanks to the shooting director Patrizia Gervasi and the referee Giuseppe Capalbo, as well as the nuns of the Sedes Sapientfarmyards of Sanremo that make the gym available to us. Next appointment in Cannes Mandelieu in France”.




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