A spontaneous jumps to Portugal-Uruguay with the rainbow flag… of peace

qatar 2022

He also wore a Superman T-shirt with the messages ‘save Ukraine’ and ‘respect for Iranian women’.


Updated at 10:25 p.m.

Portugal-Uruguay has left one of the images of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. In the 74th minute of the second half, a spontaneous player has jumped onto the pitch with the rainbow flag… but not the team’s LGBTI, but the one that represents peace. They are not exactly the same. The one for peace has the colors inverted compared to the one for the collective LGBTI and it has written the word peace (peace). That was just the flag that the spontaneous showed.

In addition, this fan wore a T-shirt with two messages. One ahead, the one who asked to ‘save Ukraine‘ and another on the back with ‘respect for Iranian women’ written on it, both written in English.

It was in the 50th minute when the referee, Alireza Faghani, stopped the match between the Portuguese and the Uruguayans. The spontaneous player was followed for a few seconds by stadium security until he was intercepted by two agents and taken off the field without further incident.

When they detected their presence on the green, the cameras quickly changed the plane, focusing on the faces of some players as Cristiano Ronaldo. One minute later, the game has resumed, once the spontaneous has been withdrawn by the security services.

It will be necessary to be attentive now to the fate of this fan or activist, because the rules in Qatar They are very clear regarding the symbols in favor of the LGTBI collective, although that was not really the flag.



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