A man with a rainbow flag jumps onto the pitch in the middle of a match

A man wearing a rainbow flag and wearing a T-shirt in support of Iranian women and Ukraine entered the lawn of the Doha stadium on Monday during the 2022 World Cup match between Portugal and Portugal. Uruguay, noted AFP journalists.

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After running across the pitch for around 30 seconds, the young man was intercepted by security guards and calmly escorted by security out of the Lusail stadium, where the final will be played on December 18.


The scene was shown only fleetingly on television images.

No information on this man was immediately available.

The organizers of the Mondial-2022 are the target of many criticisms, in particular on the rights of LGBT + people. Homosexuality is subject to criminal prosecution in Qatar.

The man had a T-shirt stamped with the Superman logo with, on the front, an inscription in support of Ukraine (“Save Ukraine”, “Save Ukraine”) and on the back a message asking for respect for Iranian women (“Respect for Iranian Woman”).



If FIFA assured that the flags or clothes in the colors of the rainbow would be accepted in the stadiums, in fact, these were confiscated on several occasions by the security forces.

Seven European selections had said they intended to have their captain wear a rainbow armband “One Love” but finally gave up, FIFA having threatened them with sporting sanctions.

Britain’s Sports Minister Stuart Andrew announced he would wear it on Tuesday against England-Wales, two of seven selections who waived.

The English fan group “3LionsPride”, which represents LGBT + supporters, decided before this World Cup that its members would not go to Qatar.

“These matches should be a celebration for all the fans, but unfortunately many of them feel that is not the case. It’s not a tournament for them. They felt they couldn’t be part of it and that’s not acceptable,” said Stuart Andrew.

It won’t be a first at the World Cup as German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, in charge of sports, wore it next to FIFA President Gianni Infantino during Germany’s 2-1 defeat against Japan last Wednesday. The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hadja Lahbib, did the same during the victory of the Red Devils against Canada in Qatar (2-1).



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