A Estrada pays homage to the career of cyclist Álex Marque at its Sports Gala

The Council of A Estrada, through the Department of Sports, has announced the organization of its fourth Sports Gala, which will be held on Tuesday, December 20 at 8:00 p.m. in the Teatro Principal. The great festival of sports from Estrada returns after a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic and it does so with news. The main one is the inclusion of three new categories (best team, best event and best coach), thus distributing twelve prizes in total. The City Council also announced the three nominees in each of the categories and the only award that did not require discussion by the jury. It will be the one that the Estrada cyclist Álex Marque receives after his withdrawal in recognition of his career.

Best trainer.

A new category with three nominees with a long career. Those chosen have been David González, coach who led EDM A Estrada to promotion to EBA; Sofía Mosteiro, the great promoter of the Ximnasia A Estrada Club; and Marcos Otero, the most visible face of athletics in A Estrada, thanks to his work in schools and in Athletics A Estrada.

Sport event.

Another of the awards that opens. The fifth Benjamín Concello da Estrada Soccer Tournament, organized by the Escola Estrada de Fútbol Base; La Transgalaica, which celebrates the Peña Ciclista Bikestrada every year; and the XXVI Subida á Estrada, an event organized by the Estradense Team that celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Team 2022.

The third of the novelties seeks to reward teams that reached an important achievement in the season. The nominees are EDM A Estrada, for their promotion to Liga EBA; Sporting Estrada, for going up to Second Autonomic in the year of its foundation; and the children’s team of the Escola Estrada de Fútbol Base for their promotion to the Galician League.

Male athlete.

David Vázquez, Galician and national champion co-driver with Víctor Senra; Mario López, CNS A Estrada swimmer and European champion of transplanted people; and Rodrigo Sanjurjo, a Badminton A Estrada player who was bronze in the European Championship with Spain, are the three nominees this year.

Female athlete.

The nominees are the walker Carmen Escariz, who was with Spain in the World Championship; Nikol Carulla, player of Badminton A Estrada, European champion in the junior women’s doubles; and Nuria Gómez, footballer for Deportivo de La Coruña.

Under-18 boys.

The three athletes who are competing for the award are Pablo López, a cadet player from the Cultural Recreation Tennis Club who won several trophies; Rubén Comerón, a Badminton A Estrada player who has just won bronze in the Nacional Sub-17; and Ismael Brea, a player for A Estrada Futsal and the Galician team.

Under-18 girls.

The candidates are Iziar Barcala, one of the great promises of national badminton; Carolina Valiño, swimmer for CNS A Estrada and for the Galician national team, with several titles and Galician records; and Rocío Castro, fighter of the Judo Club Base with podiums at the national and Galician level.

Revelation athlete/club.

Sporting Estrada, the Cultural Recreation Tennis Club and the Escola Estrada and UD A Estrada player Ainhoa ​​Castro, are the three candidates in the revelation category.


The EDM A Estrada, the Ximnasia Estrada Club and the A Estrada Badminton Club compete in a category that recognizes their achievements throughout the season at the club or individual athlete level.

grassroots club

Regarding the work with the quarries, the teams Club Natación y Salvamento A Estrada, Club Patín A Estrada and Judo Club Base have been valued as the candidates for the award.

Sport support entity.

Finally, the gala will recognize the support given by local companies to the world of sports in Estrada. In this category are the companies Start Motor, Panadería Cervela and Cervexería Eureka.



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