A Dutch journalist tackles a Red Devil: “He was the worst Belgian. You should never select him again”

Abroad too, the Red Devils are subject to strong criticism from the media. They no longer recognize the shimmering team that had shone during the 2018 World Cup and which was still cited among the outsiders this year. Among the biggest critics, we find in particular the head of football of the Telegraph, Valentijn Driessen. Journalist often critical of the Netherlands team, especially on their level of play since the start of the World Cup, he is not stingy with criticism for our national team either.

Tensions among the Red Devils? “We said things to each other during a meeting. For some, it did not rain…”

Before the start of the World Cup, Driessen already did not see the Red Devils making a great run in this competition: for him, the Belgians would come home after the round of 16. But after the defeat against Morocco (2-0), he reviewed his copy: the Devils will not even cross the group stage.

”My God, how bad was it against Morocco. Not a single player gave me a positive impression”he declared to our colleagues at Newspaper in the “Sjotcast” podcast, “but hey, you still have a chance to pass. 1% chance, I would say.”

For Driessen, one player in particular is the symbol of the Belgian sinking during this World Cup: Axel Witsel. “He was the worst Belgian [contre le Maroc, NdlR]…in the final moments of the game, when Belgium were to score, he started knitting without any cover as he was chased by two players from Morocco. Luckily we took a free kick, which did not exist”underlined Driessen who does not understand why Roberto Martinez persists in making him play, “No, this Witsel is over, you should never select him again, but he’s not the only one!”

”This generation has achieved marvelous things, even if it has gained nothing”commented again the head of football of the Telegraph who sees a similarity to the golden generation of the Oranje a few years ago, “now Belgium has to build a new team and kick that coach’s ass.”



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