A boxer faces a judoka, he takes a scathing defeat in less than a minute

Is English boxing really efficient against judo? An answer to which two fighters tried to respond in a confrontation that fell short.

In the world of martial arts and combat sports, the judo and the boxing are the exact opposite. When the first discipline mentioned is based on prehension, the other focuses on percussion. Two very distinct areas that now meet in MMA. But what practice is most effective in a fight ? Elements of response in a duel organized at the FightClub League.

When judo defeats boxing

Organized on a football field, like the fights of IbraTV, the confrontation pitted two young athletes against each other. On the one hand, Magomed Israpulov, trained at the great school of judo. In front of him, Leon Mair, from English boxing. To put the two men on an equal footing, these are the MMA rules who were chosen to govern the duel.

But the case was quickly settled. After a standing fight phase that came to a halt, Israpulov took Mair to the ground. Finding himself in his chosen field, the Chechen logically took over his opponent. Following a phase of “ground and pound”, he forced the referee to stop the clash in less than a minutehis opponent no longer showing any signs of defense and taking several heavy blows.

Boxing, a sport too one-dimensional for MMA

If boxing has long been considered the king of combat sport, this era is now over. With the development of MMA via the advent of the UFC, the Noble Art has lost its luster. The heavyweight boxing champ is no longer the most dangerous man on the planet, and that’s down to boxing’s one-dimensionality.

Since the ground and kicks are prohibited in sport, athletes do not develop their full abilities to fight. When some try to get into MMA, they find themselves without weapons to defend themselves against more complete athletes. This was particularly the case of Claressa Shieldsworld boxing champion who lost in his second fight in MMA.



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