A big perfume of farewell: very moved, Eden Hazard apologizes to the fans and evokes a departure from Real Madrid (video)

Eden Hazard will probably never have the opportunity to fully live his dream at Real Madrid. The Red Devil, relegated to the bench for months in the Spanish club, gave his first interview to the Spanish press, all in the language of the country. He returned to it with honesty on his missed passage on the side of Madrid, clearly evoking a possible departure next summer.

In this interview, Hazard starts by acknowledging the facts, admitting that there are better players than him at Real Madrid right now. But in what looks like a farewell interview, the Belgian mainly spoke directly to the club’s fans, who believed they found in him a footballing superstar. “I’m sorry. I’m trying, but… I’m sorry. I have a year left and I have to prove myself, but it’s not easy: I’m not playing, I want to play more… I I’m really sorry, I’m sorry for what happened”, launched the captain of Belgium, who can be seen very moved in the sequence shared by Marca. Held back by injuries, then too unconvincing to win, Eden Hazard is only a shadow of his best version.

If he then claims to be happy in Madrid and reiterates his confidence in his coach and his teammates, Hazard affirms above all not to want to slow down Real Madrid. Left to go, but not in January. “Leaving in January is impossible, because I have family and I love the city. But in the summer, it is possible that I leave. If the club tells me ‘Eden, thank you for the 4 years, but you must leave”, I have to accept it because it’s normal”replied the Red Devil, who gave himself a score of 0/10 for his time at the club, “But 10/10 when you know that I play for the best club in the world”he laughs all the same.

This is the first time he admits he might jump ship. He also announced that he had never approached anyone since his arrival at Real Madrid. A chapter seems close to closing.



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