A Beginner’s Guide to Hockey


Whether you’re playing field hockey or ice hockey, there are some basic rules to follow. Whether you play on a field or in a gym, you’ll need to know how to skate, shoot and pass the puck. Read on for an overview of the game.

Ice hockey

ice hockey is a sport where two teams try to score goals on each other. Each team has a goaltender who is the only player who can actually shoot the puck into the opponent’s goal.

Each team has eighteen players. Usually six players are on the ice at any given time. The team that scores the most goals wins the game.

The ice hockey puck has a diameter of about three inches and weighs six ounces. It is made of vulcanized rubber and is black in color.

Field hockey

Often called kick-ass sport, field hockey is a very competitive team sport played on a grass or turf field. Players wear protective gear and use their sticks to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball into the opposing goal.

There are a variety of rules and penalties for field hockey. Many fouls are called to keep the game safe.

The game is played on a field that stretches 60 yards wide and 100 yards long. A team is composed of 11 players. Normally, the players are made up of males and females.

Indoor hockey

Often played during the off season, Indoor Hockey is a great way to improve your skills and fitness. It is a fast-paced game that requires quick passing and tackling. It is also an excellent way to develop stick handling skills.

Indoor Hockey is played on a small pitch, similar to a basketball court, which is typically half the size of an outdoor field. Each team is made up of five field players and one goalkeeper. Players use hockey sticks to score goals, which are scored by a push, flick, or scoop.

Gym hockey

Generally, gym hockey is played on Saturdays. It is usually a team sport with eight to fifteen players. Each team has six players and plays in three eight-minute periods. The team may substitute players at any time.

The game is played on a rink or gymnasium with a felt puck. The game teaches discipline and teamwork. It has been used in schools to teach kids about hockey rules and basic concepts. The sport is also played by people with electric wheelchairs.

Rules of the game

Whether you’re playing hockey indoors or outdoors, there are certain rules that you must follow. The goal of these rules is to ensure that the game is fair and safe for all players. The rules are set by the International Hockey Federation.

The goal is to shoot the puck into the opponent’s goal. The goaltender protects the net. Players try to stop the puck from crossing the goal line. They can use their feet, hands, or other parts of their body to control the puck.