87:76 in Ludwigsburg: mandatory victory of the BBC – BBC Coburg

As in the encounter against Ulm, the BBC did not come out well at half-time and gave the hosts easy points. After a three by Ludwigsburg’s Aeneas Jung to make it 50:57, trainer Jessica Miller took another break. However, because the Vestestadt team continued to consistently score from the free-throw line and the basketball academy was simply too harmless in the end, Coburg’s basketball players survived this short run by the home team unscathed. Still, they missed the opportunity to close the sack early. The unsightly and disorganized third quarter ended at 58-67.

And at the beginning of the final round, Coburg’s basketball players seemed sleepy and careless at times, gave up the ball a few times unnecessarily and remained too passive on the defensive. After a three by Nico Santana Mojica, the Ludwigsburg team reduced the lead to 65:69. In the second half of the fourth quarter, under the leadership of Blunt and with the help of Coburg’s Sven Lorber and Adrian Petkovic, who were also strong in attack, Coburg’s success finally became apparent. After captain Sven Lorber converted his seventh free throw without a failed attempt in the meantime, the BBC took the lead with 14 points.

With the 87:76 success in Swabia, the BBC is in the top third of the table. On the 2nd Advent, the Vestestädter welcome the Hessing Kangaroos from Leitershofen/Stadtbergen in the local HUK Arena.


Blunt (23), Lorber (17), Sonnefeld (15), Petkovic (15), Zilinskas (5), Carrasco (4), Wobst (4), Worthy (2), Suput (2), Saigge.



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