5 anecdotes that will make you see Jenna Ortega differently

Revealed in the series Wednesday, Jenna Ortega took the world by storm with her portrayal of the eldest daughter of the Addams Family. At only 20 years old, the young actress of Mexican origin already has a good track record of films and series. Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about Jenna Ortega.

#1 – His first film role was in the movie Iron Man 3

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A few months before taking her first steps in the skin of Annie in the film Insidious: Chapter 2 released in 2013, Jenna Ortega played her first role in the blockbuster Iron Man 3. Even if we only see her for a few moments on the screen, she plays the daughter of the Vice-President of the United States, a key character in the story since she is at the origin of the relationship between her father and the The film’s main antagonist, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). In Iron Man 3, she suffers from a disability, hence her lack of a right leg. In exchange for her father’s support, the latter had to give Jenna Ortega’s character the Extremis treatment.

#2 – She became the voice of the first Latina Disney princess in the animated series Elena of Avalor


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In 2016, Jenna Ortega made history by playing the first Latina Disney Princess in Elena d’Avalor. In this animated series, the Mexican-born actress plays Princess Isabel Castillo Flores, Elena’s little sister. The actress had reacted just after the announcement: “ young Latinas can have someone to look up to, that’s something I’m very proud of” , has she declared.

3# – Jenna Ortega’s favorite series is a Netflix series


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In addition to having collaborated with Netflix on several series – Richie Rich, YouWednesday – Jenna Ortega revealed that her favorite show was a production from the platform with the red logo. In an interview for the media Talk Nerdy With Usthe interpreter of Ellie in You confessed to being a big fan of the series Stranger Things : « I follow everyone’s theories on the show and I can’t get enough of them“, she enthused.

#4 – She took many classes to embody Wednesday Addams


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For her first major role, Jenna Ortega did not do things by halves! Before lending her features to the teenager full of talents that is Wednesday in the eponymous series, the 20-year-old actress took lessons in German, cello, fencing, archery and canoeing. And if that wasn’t enough, Jenna Ortega also stepped into Wednesday’s everyday life to work on her posture, expression and the young Addams’ undeniable self-confidence.

5# – Jenna Ortega would like to become a director


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In addition to exploring many genres through her acting profession, Jenna Ortega would also like to cross over to the other side of the camera and become a director. Her goal is to gain more experience as an actress, and within a few years, experiment with producing and directing films and television series. Given her many talents, she has every chance of succeeding!

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