29 rebounds for Ivica Zubac (Los Angeles Clippers) against Indiana in the NBA

It was a golden Sunday. The Croatian pivot of the Los Angeles Clippers Ivica Zubac (25) had the best game of his career in the success against the Indiana Pacers (114-100). He accumulated 31 points and especially 29 rebounds, his personal best in rebounds but also the best mark of the season.

And yet, the teammate of Nicolas Batum (4 points, 8 rebounds in 24 minutes) left the floor frustrated because his elimination for six faults at the end of the match prevented him from taking a thirtieth rebound.

Despite the inflation of figures that has gripped the NBA in recent years, accumulating thirty units in both categories remains extremely rare. And has only been performed three times since 1981.” I blame myself because I absolutely wanted to do 30 and 30 “, he commented with a little annoyance. It was nevertheless appropriate that joining in the books the illustrious Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the previous player, in 1978, to have accumulated 31 points, 29 catches (including 12 offensives) and 3 blocks in a match constituted a performance of choice. “ It’s crazy, I dreamed of making 20 and 20. But now, people are talking to me about Kareem, it’s incredible! I was 16 and 15 at halftime and I figured I had to focus on going for every rebound and staying aggressive on offense. »

Ivica Zubac (2.13m) not only dominated the rebound against the Pacers but he also had an almost perfect success on shots (14 of 17 at two points and 3 of 3 on free throws), carrying the Clippers, however deprived of their two headliners, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, to comfortable success.



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