2022 World Cup: Lionel Messi causes a huge rant… from Hervé Renard!

This is the first sensation of the World Cup. Indeed, Saudi Arabia dominated Argentina (2-1). But it was not won at half-time since the Albiceleste led the score and had largely dominated the first period. Consequently, Hervé Renard reveals that he had a big rant in the locker room at the break.

Long-awaited, Argentina fell as soon as they entered the World Cup againstSaudi Arabia (1-2). This is the first big thunderbolt of the World Cup. And yet, the Argentinians had largely dominated the first period and could have easily led the score. This is the reason why Herve Renard gave a big rant at halftime.

‘I asked if they had come to take pictures of Messi’

« I told all my players that we had to give even more. I asked some if they had come to take photos of Lionel Messi and watch the Argentines play, or to play in a World Cup and make their country proud. I know my players well, we have been working together for three years. I know that they sometimes need to be titillated, even stung, that they have to be put under pressure. It’s sometimes tiring, I admit, but sometimes it works very well. I knew we wouldn’t have many chances, and that we would have to be very effective “, launches the coach of Saudi Arabia to Eurosport with to continue.

“The fact that the Argentines scored after ten minutes may have worked in our favour”

« The fact that the Argentines scored after ten minutes may have worked in our favour. They thought it would be quite easy against a team presented as the weakest in the group. And somewhere, it’s not abnormal. We, when we face teams that are supposed to be less strong, there can be an excess of confidence. So, yes, there were things that were interesting in the first half: we play offside well, the players are disciplined, willing, but overall I was not satisfied, especially with the pressing of my attackers on the Argentine defense », added Herve Renard.



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