2022 Miryang Wonwon Yonex Korea Junior Open International Badminton Championships successfully completed

2022 Miryang Wonwon Yonex Korea Junior Open International Badminton Tournament successfully completed[사진=밀양시]

Due to the aftermath of Corona 19 in the aftermath of Corona 19, the anticipated ‘2022 Miryang Wonwon Yonex Korea Junior Open International Badminton Championships’ was held for the first time in 3 years since 2019. announced on the 28th.

The best international junior badminton competition in Korea, the gateway to domestic and foreign badminton players, was held from the 21st to the 24th, followed by the quarterfinals on the 25th, the semifinals on the 26th, and the long-awaited finals on the 27th.

As a result of this competition, many Korean athletes won the championship in each event. △Mixed doubles for Lee Min-wook (Jeju Normal University High School) · Oh Yeon-ju (Jeju Girls’ High School) in U19 division △ Sarochin PALAIPHOONˑMethika PUTHAWILAI (Thailand) for women’s doubles △Beom-soo Park (Dangjin Information High School) · Min-wook Lee (Jeju Normal University high school) for women’s doubles Singles Niina MATSUTA (Japan) △ Men’s Singles Kim Tae-rim (Jeonju Life Science High School) won the championship.

In the U17 Division, △Mixed Doubles Choi Min-gyu (Seoul Sports High School)·Kwak Seung-min (Changdeok Girls’ High School) △Girls’ Doubles Kim Min-sun (Chiak High School)·Kim Min-ji (Chiak High School) △Men’s Doubles Cho Hyun-woo (Seoul Sports High School)·Choi Min-gyu (Seoul Sports High School) △Women’s Singles Kim Min-seon (Chiak High School) △ Men’s Singles Lee Jong-min (Gwangmyeong North High School) reached the top.

△Men’s Singles Haru MASUDA (Japan) △Women’s Singles Mao ASANO (Japan) △Men’s Doubles Masato YAMASHIROˑShogo MIYASHITA (Japan) △Women’s Doubles Sora HATAKEYAMAˑHana MIZOO (Japan) △Men’s Singles Yongho Kang (Seoul Ahyeon Elementary School) △ Women’s Singles IP Sum Yau (Hong Kong) △Men’s Doubles Seo Hyeon-Kyu (Dong Kwang-Cho)·Kim Min-Jun (Dong Kwang-Cho) △Women’s Doubles AU-YEUNG Wing ChiˑSIU Lok Yan (Hong Kong) each rose to the top of the international competition.

In particular, Miryang City held a city tour of tourist attractions with foreign players on the 24th for foreign players who are interested in Korea during the tournament. They toured Miryang’s representative attractions, such as Yeongnamru, Wiyangji, and Geumshidang, showing the history and beautiful scenery of Miryang, as well as providing a healing time.

Park Gyeong-hwan, chairman of the West Gate Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “The West Gate merchants had a difficult time due to the aftermath of Corona 19, but we are very happy that the economy has been revitalized by this international competition.” We will do our best to maintain a friendly customer response and a clean workplace.”

Mayor Park Il-ho said, “I sincerely welcome all domestic and foreign badminton families who have visited Miryang, and I am happy that the international badminton competition has successfully concluded. The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s national badminton competition and the Gyeongsangnam-do governor’s badminton competition scheduled to be held in Miryang will also actively work to make them more satisfying to club members, executives, and families visiting Miryang.”

Meanwhile, the city plans to widely publicize Miryang, the mecca of sports, and make it a national festival once again through the ’19th Miryang Arirang Marathon’ scheduled to be held on February 26 next year.

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