2022 Miryang Wonwon Yonex Korea Junior Open International Badminton Championships successfully completed [중부경남]

Due to the aftermath of Corona 19, the 2022 Miryang Wonwon Yonex Korea Junior Open International Badminton Championships, held for the first time in three years since 2019, was successfully completed at the Badminton Stadium in Miryang with a 7-day journey from the 21st to the 27th. .

A stage that serves as a platform for the growth of young domestic and foreign badminton players! The best international junior badminton competition in Korea was held from the 21st to the 24th, the quarterfinals on the 25th, the semifinals on the 26th, and the long-awaited finals on the 27th.

As a result of this competition, many Korean athletes won the championship in each event. △Mixed doubles for Lee Min-wook (Jeju Normal University High School) · Oh Yeon-ju (Jeju Girls’ High School) in U19 division △ Sarochin PALAIPHOONˑMethika PUTHAWILAI (Thailand) for women’s doubles △Beom-soo Park (Dangjin Information High School) · Min-wook Lee (Jeju Normal University high school) for women’s doubles Singles Niina MATSUTA (Japan) △ Men’s Singles Kim Tae-rim (Jeonju Life Science High School) won the championship.

In particular, Miryang City held a city tour of tourist attractions with foreign players on the 24th for foreign players who are interested in Korea during the tournament. They toured Miryang’s representative attractions, such as Yeongnamru, Wiyangji, and Geumshidang, showing the history and beautiful scenery of Miryang, as well as providing a healing time.

Park Il-ho, Mayor of Miryang, said, “We ask for your continued support and interest in Miryang today, and the National Badminton Competition for the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Badminton Competition for the Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do, scheduled to be held in December, are also for club members, executives, and families visiting Miryang. We will actively work to make the tournament more satisfying.”

Meanwhile, the city plans to make Miryang, a sports mecca, a national festival once again through the ’19th Miryang Arirang Marathon’ scheduled to be held on February 26 next year.

◆Miryang City operates a birth congratulatory message delivery service

Miryang City (Mayor Park Il-ho) operates a birth congratulatory message delivery service for all civil petitioners who register their births in the city from December to celebrate the birth of a new life and share the joy of birth with citizens.

The birth congratulatory message delivery service makes a frame-type birth congratulatory card practical so that a photo of a born baby can be put in, and directly produces birth congratulatory flowers in a frame-type card and reports the birth to the eup, myeon, dong, or branch office and directly sends it to the parents. It is a customized, high-quality delivery service that delivers.

The message contains the meaning of growing up as a lovely and healthy child in Miryang, a blessed and prosperous home, and wishing for the happiness of the baby and parents together with the citizens of Miryang.

The city plans to publicize various childbirth support systems by delivering a newly produced follow-up procedure guide leaflet and basic certificate of the baby along with a framed congratulatory message.

Miryang = Reporter Choi Il-saeng

◆Uiryeong-gun, the first ever budget of 500 billion ‘widely’

On the 25th, Oh Tae-wan, Mayor of Uiryeong-gun, emphasized ‘success DNA’ through a speech at the regular meeting of the 271st Uiryeong-gun Council, and set out to ‘inspire confidence in the military’.

Governor Oh presented the vision for the 8th civil election through a speech on the 2023 budget bill at the Uiryeong-gun Council.

First of all, looking back on the past 5 months of the 8th civil election, it listed the achievements of successfully attracting official investment with a company for the first time in 6 years and securing 100 billion won from the government public offering project. In particular, he praised that the Rich Rich Festival, a festival for the wealthy in Uiryeong, was completed successfully, showing the potential of Korea’s representative festival.

Gunsu Oh said, “During the festival, 100,000 people came to Uiryeong and received a lot of ‘wealth luck’. The press and the local community all praised it.” I saw the possibility of becoming rich,” he said.

He stipulated, “‘Success DNA was transplanted from this festival,'” and emphasized, “We have a small population and talk about extinction, but it has been proven that we can do anything if we join forces with the people.”

In the direction of the military administration of the 8th civil election, Oh has five tasks: △Promotion of strategic projects for Uiryeong economic development △Attraction of public projects necessary for rural revival △Establishment of Uiryeong-type welfare service △Creation of a pleasant educational experience city △Creating Uiryeong where young people want to stay presented

In particular, Uiryeong-gun prepared a budget of 500 billion won, the largest ever, and submitted it to the county council. The scale of next year’s expenditure budget is 500.8 billion won, an increase of 19.4 billion won from this year, opening the era of a 500 billion won budget for the first time in Uiryeong-gun.

◆Opening of the 2nd regular meeting of the 271st Uiryeong-gun Council

Uiryeong-gun Council (Chairman Kim Kyu-chan) opens the 271st Uiryeong-gun Council 2nd regular meeting from November 25th to December 12th (18 days).

At the first plenary session following the opening ceremony on the 25th, the first day of the regular meeting, △ the proposal explanation of the 2023 budget bill and fund management plan △ the composition of the special committee on budget settlement and the appointment of members △ the matter of election of the minutes signing members, etc. were handled.

Prior to the resolution of the agenda, three lawmakers, Rep. Kim Haeng-yeon, Rep. Kim Bong-nam, and Rep. Yun Byeong-yeol, gave a free speech for 5 minutes. First, △Rep. Kim Haeng-yeon made a speech on the theme of “proposal for the development of related programs in line with the opening of the Subtropical Botanical Museum,” △Rep. Kim Bong-nam, “measures to improve the image of Uiryeong Gate,” and △Rep. Yoon Byung-yeol, “proposal of a policy to prepare a birthday party for the elderly living alone.”

The main schedule of this regular meeting is the first plenary session on the 25th and the formation of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts (hereafter referred to as the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts), followed by an audit of administrative affairs from the 28th to December 5th, and from December 6th to December 9th. Each standing member is expected to review the 2023 project budget and ordinance, and the Special Committee on Budget and Decision will finalize the 2023 project budget, which was reviewed by the relevant standing committee.

Then, at the 3rd plenary session on December 12, the last day of the regular meeting, the regular meeting schedule will be concluded with the final resolution of the agenda reported by the relevant standing committee and the preliminary decision (hanggam) special committee.

Uiryeong = Reporter Choi Il-saeng

◆Haman-gun, end of operation of farm machinery rental business during harvest season and public holidays

Haman-gun, in order to relieve the lack of labor for the full-fledged harvest season in the fall, operated from the 1st of last month to the 27th of this month on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and the operation of the agricultural machinery rental business office during the busy farming season will be operated until the 27th and finally ended in 2022. .

The county is operating agricultural machinery rental offices in two places in Gaya and Samchi, and as of 2022, it owns 402 farm machines of 70 types and leases them to farmers. Last year, by leasing agricultural machines to 3147 farmhouses, the farmhouses in the jurisdiction benefited from cost savings from purchasing expensive agricultural machines.

In addition, Haman-gun made continuous efforts to diversify the types and number of leased agricultural machines by investing about 450 million won this year to purchase additional 20 agricultural machines such as agricultural tractors.

Park Jin-seok, head of the Agricultural Technology Center, said, “For farmers in the jurisdiction who are suffering from the aging of rural areas and lack of manpower, the Haman-gun agricultural machinery rental office is making a great contribution to reducing farming costs and increasing farm household income through farming mechanization.” We ask for a lot of use of the agricultural machinery rental office while following the safety rules for use.”

◆Haman Hwacheon Nongak Preservation Association, held the 31st Haman Hwacheon Nongak Regular Presentation

On the 26th, the ’31st Haman Hwacheon Nongak (Chairman’s seat) regular presentation’ was held at the Haman Hwacheon Nongak Training Center in Hwacheon Village, Chilbuk-myeon, Haman-gun.

Haman Hwacheon Nongak, designated as an intangible cultural asset of Gyeongsangnam-do, is the only nongak designated as an intangible cultural asset in Gyeongsangnam-do, and has held a regular presentation every fall at the Training Center.

In this event, starting from 10:00 a.m., the signboard hanging ceremony of Haman Hwacheon Nongak Training Center was held, followed by the opening ceremony, presentation of trainees, and regular performance of Hwacheon Nongak from 1:00 after lunch.

On the other hand, Haman Hwacheon Nongak was selected for the Cultural Heritage Administration’s contest for ‘lively cultural properties’ and ‘cultural night trip’, and for the National Intangible Heritage Center’s contest for ‘Training Education Center Revitalization Project’, and has been selected for this year’s project, and was selected for next year’s project as well.

Haman = Reporter Choi Il-saeng

◆Changnyeong-gun, 2022 Gyeongsangnam-do dementia management project evaluation grand prize

The Changnyeong-gun Dementia Relief Center was selected as the 1st place (grand prize) in the military department in the 2022 Gyeongsangnam-do dementia management project evaluation and won the provincial governor’s commendation.

On the 25th, Changnyeong-gun received excellent grades in the evaluation by area, such as regional specialized projects, dementia awareness improvement projects, dementia public guardianship projects, and public-private partnership projects, targeting 20 institutions in the province at a workshop for employees of the Gyeongnam-do Metropolitan-Dementia Relief Center on the 25th.

In the private sector cooperation project sector, physical and human resources were strengthened by establishing an organic cooperation system with local private institutions and organizations such as the Changnyeong-gun Pharmacy Association, local online cafes, Changnyeong Mam Volunteer Corps, and Changnyeong-gun Sports Association.

In addition, through cooperative projects with senior clubs, it was highly praised for actively promoting projects to create a safe environment for dementia, such as fostering seniors who participated in the elderly job as a workforce for overcoming dementia.

◆Changnyeong-gun, successful completion of urban regeneration public contest project promoted by residents

On the 25th and 26th, Changnyeong-gun held the ‘Project Gyoha’ event, an urban regeneration public contest project promoted by residents in the area of ​​the Youth Plaza in Changnyeongcheon.

As part of the Urban Regeneration New Deal Project, the Urban Regeneration Residents Contest Project is a project in which local residents directly plan and promote projects necessary for the village, revitalize the local community, and revitalize the village through exchanges and communication between residents.

This event received a great response from the local residents with busking, youth training center club performances, these days (Changnyeong-gun youth farmers group) selling agricultural products and food, ratan handicrafts and miscellaneous goods flea market, and operating experience programs.

A county official said, “As the event was directly led by the residents, it is even more meaningful. We will do our best to promote the urban regeneration New Deal project smoothly in the future,” he said.

Changnyeong = Reporter Choi Il-saeng

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